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Children’s resource ‘Breaking the Maya Code’ video

RESOURCE: Video ‘Breaking the Maya Code’

We warmly recommend this new video, made by a father-and-son team, introducing us in ten minutes to the story of how epigraphers managed to ‘break the Maya code’. During the video the Junior-age presenter Kellum interviews Dr. Gabrielle Vail, who is on our Panel of Experts and is a world-renowned expert on the Maya codices (follow link below...)

Meet ‘Education Reporter’ Kellum...

Kellum introduces Chichen Itza, Part 1
Kellum introduces Chichen Itza, Part 1 (Click on image to enlarge)

We love the opening sequence - straight out of Monty Python’s Flying Circus!
The team - Kellum and his dad Tony - shared the following notes with us:-

’My first visit to the Chichen site was in 1993 and it left a strong impression. Later, married and with Kellum in tow, we moved to Playa del Carmen and were able to visit the site more regularly, Kellum was still very young. We moved back to the United States and in 2019 we were able to visit the site again - this time with the goal of producing educational videos. Travelparkourist was born!

The ‘cover’ for Part 1
The ‘cover’ for Part 1 (Click on image to enlarge)

Part 1 of our lesson on Chichen Itza covers a brief history of the site and 3 of the major structures - the pyramid, the Temple of the Warriors and the Ball Court. For Part 2 we focused on the decoding of the Maya glyphs - the idea came in part from our interest in Egyptian Obelisks and Hieroglyphs - while the written languages are very different, the process of discovery caught our attention and we began to look more closely at the people and events that led to the breaking of the Maya code. Our research led us to the website and the work of Dr. Gabrielle Vail. Dr. Vail was instrumental in helping us understand the process of discovery, the historical relevance of what was uncovered and the key role modern day Maya play in the uncovering of their history. We hope our videos help students understand how Maya culture and history continue to come to light through the work of dedicated researchers.’

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on May 04th 2020

‘The Maya Codices’

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