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Scenes of Maya gods carrying out every day human tasks in the codices Madrid and Dresden

RESOURCE: Maya gods do human chores

Interpreting scenes from the precious few ancient Maya codices that are still with us is pretty daunting at the best of times. It’s perhaps reassuring to find that, hidden among the calendrics and the astronomy are some very down-to-earth scenes of Maya gods carrying out some pretty mundane and regular human tasks or chores. These are taken from the Madrid and Dresden codices... (Compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

We can see:-
• Bathing (top L, Codex Madrid pl. 93, detail)
• Using a fire kindling stick (top R, Codex Madrid pl. 38, detail)
• Eating staple foods (bottom L, Codex Dresden pl. 13, detail)
• Carrying loads on the back (bottom R, Codex Dresden pl. 18, detail)

And don’t forget the Walking on Stilts god! (Follow link below...)

Picture sources:-
Images scanned from our copies of the ADEVA facsimile editions of these codices, Graz, Austria (Madrid, 1967; Dresden, 1975).

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on May 06th 2020

RESOURCE: Maya stilt dancing

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