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‘The Ancient Maya for Teachers and Learners’
‘The Ancient Maya for Teachers and Learners’
A MASSIVE and comprehensive teaching resource prepared in 2017 by US teacher and historian Bruce Schulman. Free download...
Mexicolore’s Maya schools workshop programme

If you’re teaching the Maya...

... Mexicolore can bring the whole topic instantly to life in your school! With 40 years of experience in well over a thousand different schools and museums throughout England, we will engage your children through music, chanting, drama, costume, artefacts, role-play, images and more.

A Mexicolore school workshop on the Maya and the Aztecs
Aztecs or Maya? Or both?
We specialise in BOTH! For many years our programmes focussed on 1) Mexico generally, then 2) the Aztecs, then 3) two separate programmes, and now 4) our flagship programme combines BOTH civilisations in one session. Note though that on the day we carefully put extra emphasis on whichever topic you are delivering in your school.

Mexicolore Aztecs workshop
Team visits
Having evolved over almost four decades, our main programme now delivers the Maya and the Aztecs in one VERY full morning. We strongly suggest you write to us for full details of what we cover. We bombard the children with facts and knowledge, but in fun interactive ways.
To read testimonials from teachers and pupils on Mexicolore team visits, follow the link below...) To find a list of all schools we’ve ever worked in (and when), click on ‘Schools that we’ve visited’ (Teacher’s Page, Aztecs section).
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Aztec workshop by Mexicolore in the British Museum
Our Mexicolore website
This site is constantly checked, added to, and updated. Based in London, you’ll find links to an exceptional range of formal institutions and informal groups, each with some area of expertise on either the Aztecs/Mexica or the Maya, many of which are perfectly suitable for children to explore. Note that we have our own Aztecs for Kids microsite (click on KIDS at the very top of this page): this is packed not just with activities for children but with very carefully researched - and illustrated - information on the Aztecs. Try it out for yourself!
Feedback from St. Bernadette’s RCP School, Farnborough (2013): ’We love your website - so much information. A great help for busy teachers and useful for the children and their research projects.’
Website feedback

Mexicolore at Glebe Middle School, Sussex
Take advantage...
... of the work others - including many teachers - have put into preparing teaching materials on the Aztecs. Browse through the Resources pages to get some ideas. If you’re daunted by how to pronounce Aztec names and other words, listen to our Pronunciation guide (see ‘Aztec Language’, in the Aztecs section). If you’re looking for images of Mexican masks to kickstart some artwork, go to our Masks photo gallery (go to the Aztecs section, then click on Mexican Masks, right). If you’re interested in reading answers from world experts to some of the questions YOUR children have been asking (on the Maya as well as the Aztecs), explore our unique Ask the Experts pages. And so on...
Our Aztec Resources section

A Mexicolore school workshop on the Maya
Background to the site
This site is aimed primarily at teachers and pupils studying the Aztecs and the Maya in schools in the UK, though it is already proving valuable to academics, cultural institutions, researchers, students and the general public world wide - anyone with some interest in the Aztecs and/or the Maya. All the material has been uploaded in good faith on the understanding that it is used strictly for educational/non-commercial purposes. The site, with some quite personal touches, grows directly from nearly 40 years of visits made to schools and museums throughout England by Graciela and Ian, the founding Mexicolore team. Many thanks to all those teachers and children who continue to make us so welcome in their schools - and who have become good friends. Enjoy...!
Who we are

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NOTE on FEEDBACK to the site
We encourage visitors to leave comments, and we normally check all incoming website feedback every day: if anyone should ever leave an inappropriate comment, we endeavour to delete it immediately.

Chocolate and the Aztecs: Mexicolore’s input to the IPC
Chocolate and the IPC
If your school follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), all our programmes include plenty of information and artefacts relating to chocolate and its importance in ancient Mexico. We now have a steadily expanding section entirely on the history of chocolate...
Our History of Chocolate section

Maya mask
Maya Civilisation
The Aztecs were the last in a long line of advanced civilisations in Mexico going back several thousand years. They learned much from previous peoples, including the Maya. In our current (2019-20) flagship programme on Ancient Mesoamerica we include plenty of references not only to the Aztecs but also to the Maya, from their calendar systems to their version of the ancient ritual ballgame, from their invention of zero to the chac mool reclining figure that inspired the sculptor Henry Moore, from the Feathered Serpent god to their gourd trumpets...
The Aztecs and the Maya...

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