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‘Chocolate in Mesoamerica’
‘Chocolate in Mesoamerica’
- A Cultural History of Cacao. Ed. Cameron L. McNeil, University Press of Florida, 2006
Maya cacao jug iconography animated by Mexicolore

The History of Chocolate

Since we launched our new section on the importance of chocolate in pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica in 2014 we’ve added several new treats to enjoy...!

Mexican chocolate recipe

‘Aztec artefacts: chocolate whisk’

Visit the Hampton Court Chocolate Kitchen

‘How much energy can you get from one cocoa bean?’

‘If you were under 52, were you ever allowed chocolate?’

‘A Concise History of Chocolate’

‘Cacao: How a Single Word Holds the Key to Understanding the Mesoamerican Past’

Ancient cacao samples interactive map

‘Oldest Chocolate in the New World’

‘Chocolate Class: Multimedia Essays on Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food’

‘Chocolate as Resistance: Mexico’s Rich Chocolate Traditions Defy Corporate Globalization’

New Ancient Cacao Finds in Utah

‘Mitos y sueños de chocolate’ - article online by María Teresa Uriarte. IN SPANISH

‘Chocolate, Food of the Gods, in Maya Art’ by Megan E. O’Neil

NEH Summer Institute for School Teachers resource listing on Cacao & Chocolate - excellent

How Aztec and Maya chocolate was preparedWhat were the main ingredients

in Aztec and Maya chocolate?

Four Thousand Years of Cacao Cultivation and Use in MesoamericaMany who live in cacao-growing regions

still prefer drinks based on ancient recipes

Cacao MoneyCocoa beans are durable, small and distinctive

- ideal for use as small change!

The early history of chocolateIn its long history, cacao was developed

as a fermented drink - chocolate beer!

History and uses of cacaoCacao fruit has been eaten

in South America since prehistory...

The Food of the Gods: Cacao use among the Prehispanic MayaCocoa beans were used in Maya rituals

to mark special occasions...

Sir Hans Sloane and ChocolateWhat was Sir Hans Sloane’s role

in bringing chocolate to Britain?

Chocolate in the RestorationHow chocolate came to England -

- the role of 17th century spies!

Tales from the Underworld: Cacao in Ancient Maya ReligionFor the ancient Maya, ritually sipping chocolate

recalled the old Maize God’s journey through death and life...

Beanz meanz money!Aztec beanz

meanz money!

Chocolate: the Blood of the Gods?Pioneers of Chocolate

Aztecs thought it was blood of the gods.