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Massive field projects
to survive floods and droughts discovered, helping the Maya of Belize to limit population and environmental pressures

Maya stucco head

Welcome to the Maya at Mexicolore!

Mexicolore is a small, specialist, independent, artefact-based teaching team providing in-school visits and teaching resources on Mexico, the Mexica (Aztecs) and the Maya, based in London. Since 1980 our Living History teams have made over 3,000 visits to schools and museums throughout England.

We have 39 years of experience of using artefacts, costumes, music, dance, drama, audio-visual media and other resources to bring the cultures of ancient Mexico (and Mesoamerica in general) to life, enriching the history curriculum in school halls, museums, arts centres, galleries and many other venues. Whilst our main work has for many years focused on the Aztecs, since September 2014 the Maya now share the stage...

’Thank you very much for the amazing workshop that you ran today. Our pupils were full of energy and enthusiasim when they came in for lunch and we know that this came from your very knowedgable and passionate delivery’ (Lead Yr 6 teacher, Purbrook Junior School, Hants. September 2018).

RESOURCE: Maya clothing styles illustratedA new resource on Maya clothing

- beautifully illustrated by Daniel Parada

RESOURCE: the story of how the male quetzal got his red chestThe story of how the male quetzal

got his red chest...

RESOURCE REVIEW: Hunahpu & Xbalanque, Hero Twins of Popol VuhThe story of the Hero Twins -

best book yet...?

RESOURCE: Ancient Maya gods - 3) ‘Smoking God’, ‘God L’God ‘L’ was patron of merchants -

one of the principal gods of the underworld

RESOURCE REVIEW: DKfindout! Maya, Incas, and AztecsWe review one of the latest kids’ books on the Maya,

Incas and Aztecs from Dorling Kindersley

How Aztec and Maya chocolate was preparedWhat were the main ingredients

in Aztec and Maya chocolate?

RESOURCE: ‘The Boys In The Bonampak Band’RESOURCE: Animated graphic

‘The Boys In The Bonampak Band’

RESOURCE: the art of the Maya scribe‘Scribes were held in the highest

esteem among the ancient Maya’

The Maya CodicesOnly four ancient Maya codices

are known to exist today...

RESOURCE REVIEW: Back2Front The MayaWe review ‘Back2Front The Maya’

from Wildgoose Education Ltd.