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The original Mexicolore team

What we offer to schools

As a team we offer school visits, videoconferencing sessions and teaching resources on the Aztecs/Mexica and on the Maya (KS2 History) and on the Spanish Conquest 1519-1535 (GCSE History).

Since 1980 we have used music, dance, drama, costumes, artefacts, crafts, slides and other media to bring Mexican history and culture alive to some 220,000 British school children.

Both our current team illustrated presentations on the Aztecs and on the Maya are a cross between an illustrated talk, workshop and full-scale theatrical performance. In a single morning the team bring a term’s study of the Aztecs or the Maya to life in a way no book or static exhibition possibly can.

Graciela, co-Director at work
Graciela, co-Director at work

Find out more by going to our main Aztec or Maya pages (click on Aztecs or Maya at the top of this page). For booking details and charges, please ring the team on 020 7622 9577 or email

“Mexicolore ... the highly successful teaching team”
British Museum Education Service

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Mexicolore replies: Thank you for your kind words: we owe you a bottle of tequila...! Ferndown Middle is truly a superb school, we have sensed and admired the positive, warm, friendly, supportive whole school ethos on each of our visits to you. The pupils are particularly fortunate to be a part of such an excellent learning community.
Mexicolore replies: ¡Gracias a Uds! It’s feedback like yours that keeps us going. We enjoyed very much working at Northumberland Heath Primary.
Mexicolore replies: Many thanks, Juliette. We much enjoyed working with you - despite the tropical heat! We were impressed by the girls’ behaviour and keenness to learn. They asked some perceptive questions!
Mexicolore replies: Jeez, £780??!!! We wish we were paid that much for a visit! We charge roughly half that amount for a full team visit. This is a flat rate no matter how many kids are involved. We often present to 1,2,3,4, even 5 classes or more together in the school hall, so the fewer the kids in the group the more expensive per child. They all take part. The programme is physically exhausting for us (wait till you see it!) and requires arriving at the school around 7.30 am in order to be set up and ready (often involving travelling a couple of hours from our base in London just to get there). This is our living. Quite how you expect us to do it for free leaves me perplexed.........!
Mexicolore replies: Thank you, Lucy-ann, for inviting us to Norwood Green Junior School today! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and were impressed with the kids’ enthusiasm and thoughtful questions...
Mexicolore replies: Cheers, James, thanks for your message! We too enjoyed our visit to St. Paul’s in Thames Ditton. Enjoy the rest of your Aztecs topic...!
Mexicolore replies: ¡Gracias por tus comentarios! Sí, estamos concientes de que hay que modernizar el sitio: un día de estos... (en serio). Mientrastanto, si te encuentras un día en Londres, pasa a vernos y podemos intercambiar ideas y posibles colaboraciones. Muchos saludos y gracias de nuevo.
Mexicolore replies: Hi Leoni. Thanks for writing. We love coming to Bovingdon!
We’ve recently added a page for kids called ‘Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC GODS’, which should give you a good introduction. Click on our Kids site and you’ll see it...
Mexicolore replies: We certainly do remember Lathom Primary! A great atmosphere there and delightful kids... Thanks so much for writing in!
Mexicolore replies: Thanks, Sarah, we enjoyed our visit to Great Missenden (even though it was a baking hot day!) Keep in touch...
Mexicolore replies: Thanks for writing Holly! We enjoyed working with you all this morning: Oak Farm is one of our all-time favourite schools: we’ve been coming to your school since 1995... Enjoy your Aztecs topic!
Mexicolore replies: You’re welcome, Loren!
Mexicolore replies: Thanks for inviting us back, Jon! We much enjoyed working with you today and were VERY impressed with the way every single child and teacher dressed in ‘Aztec’ costume - talk about entering into the spirit of things...
Mexicolore replies: Glad you enjoyed the session, Lana! Thanks for writing in. Hope you enjoyed seeing the Moctezuma exhibition and that you weren’t too late getting back to Staffordshire this evening... All the best from Ian & Graciela
Mexicolore replies: You’re welcome, Maria. We greatly enjoyed working with you all...
Mexicolore replies: Of course we remember you! One of our favourite schools - we’ve been coming to St. Andrew’s every year since 2004.
Mexicolore replies: Thanks again, guys! This is Ian and Graciela, writing from Mexicolore! We’d love to come back to your school (we’ve been to Great Cornard 13 times already!!) You’ll need to ask your teachers to invite us again... Take care, I & G
Mexicolore replies: You were great at blowing the conch, Tim - well done!
Mexicolore replies: Check out our Aztec quizzes section - there are some amazing facts there! Thanks again for writing in, and keep in touch...
Mexicolore replies: Cheers, Adedayo, thanks for writing. Redriff is one of our great favourites! Keep visiting our site to learn more about the Aztecs...
Mexicolore replies: Hope we get invited back next year! See you then?! All the best, Ian & Graciela
Mexicolore replies: Maybe see you next year?! Keep chanting: Aztecs, xxx, Aztecs, xxx...!
Mexicolore replies: Thanks for writing in, Sophie! We hope your interest in the Aztecs will continue for a long time...