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Mexican props

Mexican Props

We have a house in London packed full of Mexican props and decorations for hire and sale, and we will guarantee to give any venue, whatever the size, an authentic and tasteful Mexican atmosphere, bedecked in wall hangings, paper decorations, flags, costumes, musical instruments, crafts, masks, sombreros, kitchen untensils, pottery, piñatas and a wealth of accessories.

Classic Mexican ‘Trees of Life’
Classic Mexican ‘Trees of Life’

We have many years’ experience at decorating restaurants, hotels, conference halls (and private houses!), and will give you as much advice and assistance as you need. Many items are also available for purchase. We strongly recommend a visit to our centre to view the full range of materials available.

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Mexicolore replies: If you’re thinking of Aztec and pre-Hispanic items, of course none of them are original pieces, but we do have some nifty replicas and fine copies - some of which are quite hard to get hold of again even today in Mexico...
Mexicolore replies: We’ve been collecting for MANY years, Marcus! Thanks for your interest - we enjoyed running an Aztecs workshop at your school today...