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We now have a beautifully illustrated updated piñatas website. CLICK HERE TO...
...see our piñata range...
A giant Mexican piñata, made by Mexicolore

Piñatas from Mexicolore

At Mexicolore we have been making authentic Mexican piñatas for nearly 40 years (an article in the Times Educational Supplement featured one of our piñatas in a primary school in London on 25th December 1981! - see pic at bottom of page...)

Stage 1: Fill it up
Stage 1: Fill it up

NEW! NEW! NEW! We’re motoring with our new piñata range! Click on our brand new piñatas website (see ‘Hot Tip’, left) to see the beautiful new piñatas we’ve been making...

We aim to keep a stock of traditional Mexican star-shaped piñatas for sale ‘off the shelf’. We are now (2014) taking the making of custom/bespoke piñatas seriously to heart: look on our new specialist piñata website (link in the Hot Tip above) and feast your eyes on some amazing shapes!

Stage 2: Hang it up
Stage 2: Hang it up

And when we say ‘large’ we mean large: our standard ‘large’ stars are around a metre across the cones. You can specify particular colours for your piñata - all part of our service.
By special arrangement our piñatas can be personalised with names and even corporate logos, though there’s an extra charge for this.

Stage 3: Bash it up
Stage 3: Bash it up

Though normally supplied unfilled, piñatas can be filled - wrapped sweets are ideal for children, and we can suggest several Mexican novelty items for grown-ups.

Stage 4: Eat the sweets!
Stage 4: Eat the sweets!

Whilst piñatas must rank as one of the only toys in the world deliberately made to be broken, they can simply be hung as beautiful centrepieces. Whatever the occasion, we should be able to provide you with a festive piñata to suit...

TES 25/12/81
TES 25/12/81 (Click on image to enlarge)

The quickest way to find out about our piñatas is to ring us on 020 7622 9577 (London) or to email us at

We’ll email you more information together with some sample photos.

And remember, our piñatas are the real thing!

See the action! Visit our specialist piñatas site...
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