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Illustration from the Relación.. de los Indios de Mechoacan (16th century survey of Tarascan customs), Library of Congress

You Contribute

We’re delighted to launch this new section (July 2009) with a couple of contributions from friends around the globe who have kindly offered pieces that are worthy of wider consumption. We hope they will inspire others to send in contributions...!

The illustration is from the Relación... de los Indios de Mechoacan, the only known 16th century survey of Tarascan customs, government and traditions, drawn from Indian sources at the time of the Conquest (Library of Congress, Washington).

The Curious History of MazesThe meaning and mythology

of mazes in the Americas

A maguey sports lunar symbolA maguey sports the classic crescent moon

symbol: the sweet smile of honeywater...?

The Mesoamerican Connection: Central American diffusion into the North American SouthwestThe Mesoamerican Connection: Diffusion

into the North American Southwest

Some thoughts on the design of the Tizoc StoneA draughtsman gets to grips with

the design of the Aztec Stone of Tizoc

‘Magic’ numbersTo the Aztecs numbers were sacred

and really did COUNT in life...

Aztec Social ClassesAztec society was rigidly structured

- but you could move up and down...

What’s up (top)?East west...

Home’s best!

CROSS my heart, some things can be hidden in broad daylight...Atrial crosses bear witness

to Mexico’s pre-Hispanic past

The Aztec Legal SystemAn introduction

to Aztec law...

The Aztec first ‘month’1st ‘month’ in the Aztec solar calendar

was called the ‘Ceasing of water’

The Aztec second ‘month’2nd ‘month’ in the Aztec solar calendar

was called the ‘Flaying of men’

Amaizing!Amaizing! The ancient story

of maize in Mexico

The Aztec third ‘month’3rd ‘month’ in the Aztec solar calendar

was called ‘Little Vigil’

The Aztec fourth ‘month’4th ‘month’ in the Aztec solar calendar

was called ‘Great Vigil’