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Mexicolore’s Aztec character Tec leads the way

Tec a Good Look

Welcome to a new section of anecdotal ‘stuff’ that we hope will amuse and surprise you. These are mainly examples of codex and other images that are not what you expect. Az Tec will show you...

Ancient Mexican wheelie bin on steroids?Wheelie bin on steroids?

No, an ancient grain store!

Early unicycle?Could this be a prototype

Mesoamerican unicycle...?!

Fruit harvest?This Aztec farmer may look as if he’s harvesting fruit

- he is in fact digging up a rare crystal-filled meteorite!

‘Spaceman’Is it a spaceman? Is it a WW1 airman?

No, it’s just good old Goggle Man...

‘Rabbiting on...’A ‘tail’ of the unexpected -

- a bit hard to (de)SCRIBE...

Deal? Done!Ancient two finger gesture -

Aggression? No: agreement!

Bloody medalsIs this Aztec officer sporting his medals?

No! It’s his ‘bloody’ title