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2020 Programme
2020 Programme
Focus: learning about ancient Mesoamerica - whether the Maya or the Aztecs - through MUSIC! Ask us to send you full details...
Children perform as Aztecs in a Mexicolore schools workshop

What we offer

As a team we offer artefact-based teaching programmes in schools, resources, and interactive video-conferencing sessions - on the Aztecs/Mexica and Maya (KS2 History) and on the Aztecs and the Spanish Conquest (1519-1535) (KS3 History), supplemented by craft workshops on a range of Mexican themes - from piñata making to yarn painting...

Keen to be an Aztec!
Keen to be an Aztec! (Click on image to enlarge)

Since 1980 we have used music, dance, drama, costumes, artefacts, crafts, slides and other media to bring Mexican history and culture alive to some 210,000 British school children.
Our current team illustrated presentation on the Aztecs and Maya - aimed at KS2 - is a cross between an illustrated talk, workshop and full-scale theatrical performance. In a single morning the team bring a term’s study of the Aztecs and Maya to life in a way no book or static exhibition possibly can.
We’re constantly developing new programmes! Schools booking us will be kept informed of developments directly...

Almond Hill Junior School, Stevenage, Herts
Almond Hill Junior School, Stevenage, Herts (Click on image to enlarge)

Find out more about our ‘classic’ programme by clicking on ‘Our flagship programme’, right. For booking, availability and charges, please ring the team on 020 7622 9577, or email us (below...)

“Highly atmospheric - almost a religious experience when the lights went down. Our topic about Aztecs never really got going until we saw your presentation...” (Andrew Ward, Head, Byfield Primary School, Northants, 2007)

“Mexicolore ... the highly successful teaching team” British Museum Education Service

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Mexicolore replies: We much enjoyed working with you, Juliane, and hope you may want to join us again at another school. You have only to ask! We wish you well in your career (and your upcoming voluntary work in Mexico...)