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Mexicolore team 1 setting up in a school for an Aztecs workshop

Time-lapse Video

Please take a minute to watch this nifty little minute-long time-lapse video, filmed in the spring of 2013 while our main Aztecs team set up and started a workshop in a school in Hertfordshire...

Mexicolore at St Columba’s College, May 2013

Produced by Phil Mursell, the video was shot at St. Columba’s College Junior School, St. Albans, Herts., on May 24th 2013. Our thanks to the school for inviting us. Special thanks are due too to Michael Heralda, who wrote and recorded the music - go to his site (link below) for more information on his work on the Mexica in the USA...

Michael Heralda’s website
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