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Ask an Expert on the Aztecs: a school Skypes with Mexicolore

Skype us with your questions

If your class is simmering with burning questions about life in Mexico today and/or the Mexica/Aztecs, and if your school supports Skype, why not put them straight to some experts? We’re at your service - having taught about and researched Mexico and the Aztecs for many years, we should be able to answer more or less any question that your students can throw at us. And any we can’t answer we’ll offer to pass them on to our Panel of Experts...

Pupils from Canterbury School, North Carolina, send a message to Mexicolore after a Q&A Skype session with the team
Pupils from Canterbury School, North Carolina, send a message to Mexicolore after a Q&A Skype session with the team (Click on image to enlarge)

This is a smaller scale alternative to our videoconferencing sessions. Contact us, we agree a suitable time, we connect via Skype to your classroom, and your students can get immediate answers to their questions. The sessions are short (around 30 minutes) and sweet, illustrated live with a few choice artefacts. Best time for us (if you’re a UK school) is end of the school day (around 2.30-3pm), as by then we’re normally back at our base after delivering morning workshops. If you’re in the USA, your morning is basically our afternoon, so you have a wider choice of times: roughly from 9am to 1pm your time...
Often a key to a good Skype session is preparing good questions with the children in advance.

St. Anne’s Primary School, Alderney
St. Anne’s Primary School, Alderney

Feedback 2013: After arranging a half-hour Skype session between our team and a small class of Year 2 children from St. Anne’s School on Alderney studying Mexico and the Horta family from Tócuaro, the Deputy Head, Brendan English, wrote:-

I would like to thank you and Graciela once again for a very rewarding session with the pupils.
The pupils came back from the session buzzing! Both you and Graciela were fantastic, you kept the subject knowledge and content relevant and accessible to both pupils and teachers.
The pupils enjoyed exploring the different aspects of Mexican culture and gained a lot from Graciela’s firsthand knowledge and experience. The pace and content of the session were effectively targeted to the needs of the pupils and the content allowed them to explore and extend their understanding of Mexico with you and Graciela as their guides. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other schools for a SKYPE conference. I will definitely be in touch next year to have another session.
Once again a big thank you from all the Year 2 pupils.

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