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Children’s questions on the Aztecs for the Mexicolore team

SCHOOL VISITS: prepare questions in advance...

If there’s one thing that keeps us on our toes and which we love it’s kids’ questions on the Aztecs! Our entire ‘Ask the Experts’ service is built on these. It’s been going since 2004, yet we constantly receive new and thought-provoking questions, particularly if they’ve been thought out in advance. Why not get your kids to follow the example below, set by the Raleigh School, of preparing some questions on the Aztecs before our visit? (Written by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

Teacher Chris Tuckett holds up the faux Aztec headdress...
Teacher Chris Tuckett holds up the faux Aztec headdress... (Click on image to enlarge)

Year 6 pupils from the Raleigh School, West Horsley, Surrey, have played it both ways: after our visit in 2015 they sent us some of the very best letters of thanks we’ve ever received (link below). As a thank-you from US we donated to the school in September 2016 a faux Aztec headdress given to us many years ago by the BBC when we helped them prepare a documentary on the Aztecs. As we’re trying to downsize at our base in Battersea, we’re giving away a few large and bulky items like this that we no longer have room for...

A selection of letters and questions on the Aztecs from the Raleigh School
A selection of letters and questions on the Aztecs from the Raleigh School (Click on image to enlarge)

And this year they surprised us by handing us letters written ahead of the team visit, in which the children had thought through some excellent questions and suggestions of aspects of the Aztecs that they were hoping we could answer/explain during the workshop. Here are some of the things they mentioned:-
• What did Aztec children learn in school?
• What kind of life did the Aztecs believe in after they had been sacrificed?
• Who were the main enemies of the Aztecs and how many wars did they have with them?
• Did the Aztecs have any medicines?
• Were Aztec women into beauty and fashion?
• How did the Aztecs do their farming?
• What did the Aztecs use for going to the loo?
• Who was the first Aztec god created? What was he the god of?
• What kind of shoes did they wear?
• What’s the most fascinating fact you know about the Aztecs?

A good selection. And by the way, WE READ EVERY SINGLE LETTER we receive from children! We can’t possibly answer them and we can’t keep ALL of them, but we have many hundreds of them on file in our resource centre...
We plan to make questions on the Aztecs even more central to our work in future, so please keep them coming...

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Oct 02nd 2016

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