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Mexicolore school workshop on the Aztecs: display space needed in the school hall

SCHOOL VISITS: a few practicalities...

If you’re planning a visit from one of the Mexicolore teaching teams to your school, there are a few ‘essentials’ that you need to know, that relate to all our main programmes...

A large model of the Aztec Sunstone is the centrepiece of our display...
A large model of the Aztec Sunstone is the centrepiece of our display... (Click on image to enlarge)

• The session HAS to run in your school hall, or a suitably large [see photo above] venue such as a theatre. The more theatrical the space, the better: we show images and use controlled lighting and effects - these can be lost altogether in a bright, characterless gym, for instance.
• If the hall isn’t on the ground floor, we are 100% dependent on help from staff and/or children to help us carry in and up the 40-50 bags, boxes, instruments, equipment and much more that are needed.
• The main programmes last 2 hours 15 minutes, excluding breaks. We assume zero knowledge, we welcome questions, and we welcome photos being taken, but NOT video.
• If your hall is used for dinners the timing becomes tight, and occasionally we have to trim the programme down to fit it in. Even though we work around dinner staff, you must allow time for us to set up and set down in the hall.

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