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Powerpoint presentations available from Mexicolore

Presentations that you can use

In response to popular demand, we have created our first 20-slide-long Powerpoint presentation that you can download for free, here...

‘One-Flint’: definitely a ‘power-point’ for the Aztecs. One of 20 slides linked to our live programme...
‘One-Flint’: definitely a ‘power-point’ for the Aztecs. One of 20 slides linked to our live programme... (Click on image to enlarge)

Aimed at teachers in schools where we have made a team presentation, the sequence can be used independently or, ideally, as follow-up to one of our in-school workshops.

NOTE! After several technical hitches (see feedback below...) we’ve simplified things, and now suggest you download the slides from the Guardian Teachers Network (follow link below).

IF YOU CAN’T DOWNLOAD THE POWERPOINT, e-mail us and we’ll attach it to our reply...!

The Guardian Teacher Network: download the PPT HERE
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Mexicolore replies: No worries, we’ve just emailed it to you directly, same day! Hope you find it useful...
Mexicolore replies: Once again we apologise for this. We’ve emailed you directly with a copy of the Powerpoint. At the same time we’ve corrected the link to the Guardian Teacher Network site, where you CAN (July 2013) download the slides!
Mexicolore replies: Thanks, Jen. We’ll email you the Powerpoint directly as an attachment. Hope it’s helpful. All best.
Mexicolore replies: We’ve sent the Powerpoint sequence directly to you by email.
Mexicolore replies: Will do. Further apologies on this front!!!
Mexicolore replies: Really sorry about this. We’ve sent you the Ppt by email. When you get through to Slideshare you need to enter ‘Mexicolore’ in the search box.
Mexicolore replies: We’re still trying to get to the bottom of this, it’s most frustrating for all concerned. Jonathan has tried a new tactic (27/11/09) - please keep your feedback coming till we get this right...!
Mexicolore replies: Woe and death! We seem to be having endless troubles with this. Our webmaster Jonathan has recently changed the way these are now accessed, by allowing people to download the files from the website Slideshare, but the signs aren’t that good so far...
Mexicolore replies: (July 2009) Our webmaster has ‘re-routed’ the download process and all appears to be working fine. Please could people let us know if it all ‘works’ or not, when you get a moment... Thanks!
Mexicolore replies: Eek! Could we have feedback from others on this? It downloads and opens fine for us...