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We SELL piñatas...
We SELL piñatas...
... and have done for over 30 years!
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Mexicolore piñata workshop for children in a primary school

Mexican craft workshops in schools

Now with an expanded team of crafts specialists, Mexicolore is able to offer a range of fun, instructional and above all authentic workshops for children in schools on traditional Mexican arts and crafts: from piñata making and decorating to ‘Eyes of God’ weaving, from paper (bunting) cuts to yarn painting, from Aztec god mask making to headdress design, from bead work to ocarina making...

Mexican Eye of God making
Mexican Eye of God making (Click on image to enlarge)

Rooted in years of experience of working with children here in the UK (we were making - and breaking! - piñatas in schools back in 1980) you can count on the expertise of our artistic, highly creative and enthusiastic Mexicolore team members, who have studied Mexican traditional crafts with world class experts such as Chloe Sayer, Felipe Linares and Tiburcio Soteno. We will not only teach you and your children how to make beautiful - and useful - arts and crafts, we’ll provide insights into the background to their purpose in Mexico (do you know anything of the history of piñatas, or what the colours in Eyes of God good luck charms mean...?)

A Mexicolore piñata making workshop in full swing...
A Mexicolore piñata making workshop in full swing... (Click on image to enlarge)

Craft workshops are normally run over a morning or afternoon. We try to make them as flexible and as responsive to your needs as we can. You can decide where they run, for how long, with how many children, what materials you want to provide, if you want a particular focus (such as sugar skull making for the Mexican Day of the Dead festival), and so on. You can even opt (as some schools have) to split a morning 50/50 between, say, an Aztecs programme and a craft workshop. Charges will vary according to all these factors. Get in touch and ask for more details. Always remember, WE’RE MEXICAN SPECIALISTS!

Photos by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore

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