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If you want to meet Tec and find out more about him, just follow him home...
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Mexicolore teachers’ guidelines for team visits


Following innumerable requests from teachers (sorry it’s taken us so long!) we’ve now produced a smart set of information sheets to give you all the low-down in advance of our visit. The pack will be sent to you along with our letter of confirmation.

Musical participation is central to all our programmes!
Musical participation is central to all our programmes! (Click on image to enlarge)

The pack includes:-
key practical points (access, space, tables, help needed...)
during the session (timings, participation, Q&A, dinners...)
programme content (a detailed list!)
using our website (ideas for linking programme content to information on the website)
links for follow-up (complete list of where to find pieces on the website that relate to specific artefacts, subjects and concepts explored in our programme)
greeting card from Tec to be read to your children to whet their appetite!

Tec now flags up links to more information on our website during the programme...
Tec now flags up links to more information on our website during the programme... (Click on image to enlarge)

We NEVER assume any prior knowledge on the Aztecs, so there’s no need to do any preparation prior to a visit. That doesn’t mean, of course, that we don’t encourage it! First and foremost, we suggest you introduce the children to our very own little animated Aztec character called Tec. He features strongly in the Kids section of our website, as well as appearing in the programme itself. The best place to start, we feel, is by letting your children explore the main part of the Kids microsite, called ‘Challenges and Puzzles’ (link below): this is where Tec tells his story, introduces some wickedly fun challenges, and provides a great deal of carefully researched information on Aztec culture, especially relating to human sacrifice.

They won’t forget the Aztecs in a hurry...
They won’t forget the Aztecs in a hurry... (Click on image to enlarge)

Should you get us in at the start, in the middle, or near the end of your Aztecs topic? All these options work absolutely fine. If we HAD to express a preference, we’d say towards the end: we can then reinforce many of the things the children have learnt during the term. Well, we have made a couple of thousand visits, so we do start to get a feeling for what works best... (don’t take this too seriously, we’re delighted to come to you to kickstart things as well!)

NOTE: We usually send out confirmation/info letters/packs around 3-4 weeks prior to the visit; if you need this sooner, just ask...

Tec’s original Challenges and Puzzles home...

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