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The pottery items KEEP getting broken in transit, so we’re now replacing these with attractive non-breakable pieces of equal value.
Artefacts box contents

Artefacts packs for sale

We now have available for purchase 4 artefact ‘packs’ to support your teaching work on Mexico: on the Aztecs, on the Day of the Dead festival, on Mexico Today (Geography), and (Autumn 2012) a new one on CHOCOLATE - for IPC schools. There is some overlap of course, and, though the prices shown are for the entire pack, you can buy the artefacts individually if you like (contact Mexicolore for details). Each pack is subject to a 20% P&P charge for carriage, and VAT. All the contents are hand made in Mexico, so please allow for variations and substitutions. Please contact Mexicolore directly to place an order (best way: post us an old fashioned Purchase Order from the school!)

Aztecs artefacts pack
Aztecs artefacts pack (Click on image to enlarge)

Aztecs/History pack This contains a large pottery mask, pair of traditional sandals, miniature ‘metate’ grinding stone, miniature ‘molcajete’ pestle-and-mortar, triple flute, bark painting sheet, plain fig tree bark paper sheet, miniature ‘chac mool’ messenger figure, pottery ocarina, model temple, dry grass broom, pottery printing stamp, and basket. Total for 13 items: £80. See Note At Top!

Day of the Dead artefacts pack
Day of the Dead artefacts pack (Click on image to enlarge)

Day of the Dead festival pack This contains a pottery skeleton figure, set of plastic paper-cut bunting, miniature painted tray, candle in glass, papier mache mask, ‘Eye of God’ woollen good luck charm, 3 bunches of paper flowers, tin photo frame, painted miniature tray, black candelabria, incense bowl, small sugar skull, miniature basket of vegetables, and small basket. Total for 14 items: £80.

Geography artefacts pack
Geography artefacts pack (Click on image to enlarge)

Geography pack This contains a small backstrap basket, Mexican flag, small colourful rug, ball of cactus fibre material, small painted gourd jug, woven shoulder bag, ‘Eye of God’ woollen good luck charm, mini sombrero, 4 x papier mache fruit/vegetables, string of hanging plain gourds, ‘balero’ wood-and-string toy, mini aluminium tortilla press, wooden chocolate whisk, mini pottery jug and cup top, small drum, and basket. Total for 18 items: £80.

NEW! Chocolate artefacts pack
NEW! Chocolate artefacts pack (Click on image to enlarge)

Chocolate pack This contains a colourful woven Mexican cactus fibre bag, a wooden molinillo (traditional chocolate whisk), a miniature metate (grinding stone), a traditional ceramic chocolate drinking cup, a cacao pod, a small gourd bowl together with a supply of cocoa beans, and a bar of traditional Abuelita rich Mexican chocolate!
This pack is ideal for schools studying the chocolate/Aztecs unit within the International Primary Curriculum. Total for 8 items: £50.

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