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Suitable for all
Suitable for all

This article should be suitable for readers of all ages. Some examples:

Aztecs/Mexica (Pupils)

The Cuming Challenge...

‘The Legend of the Bat’ 1: the video

Video 2: Meet Uriel!

Video 1: Meet Faviola!

PLAY: sound bites - music Az Tec plays it!

Basic Aztec facts: Aztec names

Angry Aztecs

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC NUMBERS

Clean Aztecs, Stinky Spanish...

Were there rich and poor in Aztec times?

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC GAMES

Aztec children’s clothes

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC HOUSES

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC FAMILY LIFE

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC GODS

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC WEAPONS

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC TOOLS

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC FOODS

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC SCHOOLS

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC BURIALS

The Creation of the 5th Aztec Sun

Time Lapse Video

Ideas for making a marigold paper flower

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC PUNISHMENTS

Ancient Mexican sounds archive

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC BOOKS

Aztec and Maya daysigns

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC TOYS

Superstitious? (4)

The traditional Nahua way to welcome a visitor to the home

Count up to ten in Nahuatl

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC MUSIC

Resource: How the male quetzal got his red chest

RESOURCE: Maya clothing illustrated

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC HEALTH

RESOURCE: Maya women’s hairstyles and headwear illustrated

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC SLAVES

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC MARKETS

RESOURCE on the Maya: Colourful birds to colour in

Why did the Aztecs only use wheels for toys and not for transport?

Did the Aztecs have different types of chewing gum to today’s?

Did the Aztecs ever meet the Incas?

Why did the Aztec gods destroy the four previous worlds?

Why is it better to support loads on the head and not on the shoulders

Why did [Maya] houses have no windows?

Were babies stolen from mothers in Aztec markets?

Going back in time, what one question would you ask the Aztecs?

If you lived in Aztec times, what would you change?

Did Aztec men grow beards?

Suitable for Top Juniors and above
Suitable for Top Juniors and above

We think that these kinds of articles would be suitable for Top Juniors and above. Some examples:

Mexican Masks

Nahual or daemon?

Tenochtitlan Centre of the Aztec World

Meals on sandals ...

A Rabbit in the Moon?

Patolli, anyone?

2020: Videoconferencing options

Our first school visit

Tlaloc’s Great Journey


Heart of Jade

Creation of the Moon

Mexican Stamps

King Canoe

(Feathered) Snakes and Ladders

Early morning sound of making tortillas

Freedom: run for it!

A family of deities?

Mexican Bank Notes

Oldest school book on the Aztecs?

IN THE NEWS: ancient dogs

IN THE NEWS: ancient footprints

Interactive Sunstone Experience

Ballgames and logos

Search and ye shall find...

The conch trumpet

Spot the scribe’s mistake

Aztec pregnancy: Dos and Don’ts

The Aztec third ‘month’

‘The Legend of the Bat’ 2: the history

‘Rabbiting on...’

Bloody medals

Bird feathers used in Aztec and Maya headdresses

Templo Mayor animation

The Aztec first ‘month’

Netzahualcóyotl’s hidden poem

Aztec/Mexica clothing styles

A colourful language


A very modern assault on the Aztecs...

The Aztec fourth ‘month’

Daysign Destinies!

Los Nahuales - animal companion spirits

SEE a teponaztli drum in action...

Aztec Objects in Museums Collections Survey

Chocolate whisk

Choco-Story, Bruges

Stone jaguar’s head in the heart of Mexico City

The Aztec second ‘month’

‘How Music Came To The World’

Mexicolore’s 2015 schools competition and campaign

Mexica Manga!

Ancient Mexican musical singing stones

The highest rank in the Aztec army

Teaching the Maya resource - a Maya farmer’s house

Downloadable photos on the ancient Maya

The Maya story of the creation of humankind from corn

Scrapbook page of Mexicolore team visits to schools on the Maya

Reconstructing Moctezuma’s headdress for the BBC series Heroes a

Aztec farmer harvesting fruit?

Aztec and Maya thrones

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC TRANSPORT

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC TEMPLES

Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC JEWELLERY

Ask the Experts: Maya and Aztec feather headdresses

Daysign Poll

Prototype unicycle?

RESOURCE: The story of the finding of corn

2016 - Mexican Embassy drawing competition for kids

Ideas for developing rhythm activities based on the names of Aztec god

Aztec birth symbols

Aztec featherwork shield

Basic Aztec facts: Aztec teaching

Pitt Rivers Museum

Traditional bark painting in Mexico

Daily curfew in the Aztec capital city Tenochtitlan

Aztec women knelt, men squatted

The noisy sound of a Mexica scribe turning pages

Our Maya Museum by Newby and Scalby Primary School

Aztec Sunstone map

Resource for students: Malinche and Pocahontas

Resource on identifying Maya glyphs

Teaching the Maya resource - geometric design motifs

Ideas for learning from the film Coco about the Days of the Dead

A maguey sports Mexica lunar symbol

Mexica drums played as battle signals

Superstitious? (5)

Aztec slave’s collar

Superstitious? (6)

Teaching resource on the ancient Maya death god A

Monument of Edmund Harman

Resource review: DK Findout Maya, Incas and Aztecs

Teaching resource on the ancient Maya God L

Resource review: Hunahpu and Xbalanque, Hero Twins of Popol Vuh

The Aztecs discovered new medicines from the animal world

Teaching resources on the Aztecs - clothing illustrated

Teaching resources on the Aztecs - hairstyles

Mexican codices get called lots of different names

School children vote for their favourite Aztec day sign

RESOURCE: Fun with Maya Glyphs

Left hand side rules!

Superstitious? (7)

The last page of the Codex Boturini

The Aztec myth of the unlikeliest sun god

RESOURCE: Video ‘Breaking the Maya Code’

RESOURCE: Maya gods do human chores

The Classic Maya ball court hieroglyph

Nahua women poets

Representations of the Templo Mayor: odd one out

Superstitious? (8)

Important Mexica artefacts found in Mexico City

Ancient wheelie bin on steroids?

Circle of friends terracotta figure

How Aztec scribes produced the colour green

Teaching resource on the ancient Maya maize god E

Ideas for Aztecs and Maya primary science

RESOURCE on the Maya: The Ultimate Ball Game

Armadillos - the view from La Huasteca

La caza del armadillo y sus propiedades medicinales en Chicontepec

Different ways to depict Mexica gods

Yet more quotes on the Aztecs

Were there women warriors?

Why did the Aztecs worship maize?

Was Snake Woman an Aztec empress?

Which was the Aztecs’ most fearsome weapon?

Why did many Aztec musical instruments have animal designs on them?

Why was the Sun God called Tonatiuh?

Did they send post (mail)?

Did they have the same seasons as we do?

Were there rich and poor in Aztec times?

Did the Aztecs have hospitals?

How many people watched the [ball]game?

Which was the biggest group [job sector] in Aztec society?

Did the Aztecs have cenotes [sacred wells or sinkholes] or caves?

What was the Aztecs’ most prized possession? (2)

Why did Aztec shields have patterns on them?

Being held over burning chiles: differences between boys and girls?

Did the Aztecs work at night?

Which museum has the most Aztec objects in it?

How were the stars created?

How did scribes get rid of mistakes when they wrote their books?

Did the Aztecs breed exotic birds like the quetzal for their feathers?

Would a son inherit the family house from his father when he grew up?

What did ordinary Aztec people turn into in the afterlife?

Did the Aztecs have a particularly BAD ruler, like we had Henry VIII?

Which was the second biggest town/city in Aztec times?

How did a warrior put on the skin of an eagle?

Were Aztec marriages arranged?

Did the Aztecs do any sacrifices taking out the liver?

How did they know the Fifth Sun would be destroyed by an earthquake?

When did the Aztecs stop using cacao beans for money?

Why is the original gold pendant in England?

Did the Aztecs began as a small, peaceful, wandering tribe?

What was the highest position a woman could reach?

Did the Aztecs bury things for future generations like us to find?

Why did the Aztecs sacrifice the men and not the women?

How did the Aztecs decide what to make musical instruments out of?

Would you like to have lived in Aztec times?

If the Aztecs died of old age how long did they expect to live for?

Which was the most sacred animal for the Aztecs?

How long were Aztec children held over smoking chillies for?

What toys did Aztec children play with?

Most interesting fact you’ve come across about the Aztecs (3)

Did they carry on playing the ballgame in pouring rain?

Who invented the 20-day calendar?

Is the chewing gum tree only found in Mexico?

Did the Aztecs allow divorce?

Who were the first to chew gum, the ancient Greeks or Mexicans?

How rare was it to reach the age of 52?

Did the Aztecs wear masks to take on extra powers?

What was the Aztecs’ greatest fear?

How many books existed among the Maya before the Spanish Conquest?

Did the Aztecs ever fight against the Maya?

Where was the Sunstone in Aztec times?

What percentage of Aztec society were slaves?

Did the Spanish first meet the Aztecs during the day or at night?

Most interesting fact you’ve come across about the Aztecs (4)

How many pages did an Aztec book have?

Does each of the 20 day signs relate to a particular quality?

Did children learn to play the ballgame at school?

Did the Aztecs celebrate gods’ birthdays?

Did the Aztecs invent anything we still use today?

What was bronze in Aztec beliefs?

Is there a dragon in the Wind sign of the Aztec Sunstone?

What was the WORST job to have in Aztec times?

Was obsidian worn as jewellery?

Were there any lady [Maya] rulers?

Why did the Mexica believe in a four-year journey to the underworld?

How many people lived in an Aztec house (2)?

How did they choose their kings and queens?

The hand gesture of the Maya maize god

What are the two bulbs either side of the centre of the Sunsonte?

Once dead, could you move between heavens or levels?

If you were under 52 were you ever allowed chocolate?

Axolotls and their role in Mexican mythology

The Aztec Army

What happened straight after Moctezuma’s death?

Child-friendly sources on the Conquest

Traditional Náhuatl greetings

Aztec symbol for protector

How big was the Aztec Calendar (Stone)?

Food stores

What’s the ruler’s dress called?

What was the symbol for gold?

The ‘crying boy’ whistling jug

The monkey’s earring

Mexica maps

Where are the codices today?

What did Aztec children wear?

How do we know Tenochtitlan had a zoo?

What was the Aztec symbol for turquoise?

Did the Aztecs paint their canoes?

Is there a name for the Aztec speech glyph?

What happened to the rest of the sacrificed person’s body?

How far north and south did the Mesoamerican civilizations trade?

Were women responsible for watching the night sky?

Did the Aztecs use a ‘Mixtec Sabre’?

How did the Aztecs colour their clothing?

What distinguished Aztec priests’ clothing from that of royals?

Did the Mexica have war chants?

Can you identify this object from the Florentine Codex?

What might Cuauhtemoc have looked like after he became emperor?

Could you get divorced in Aztec society?

What did royal Aztec women wear?

What did the Aztecs call the Spanish invaders?

What does this Nahuatl saying mean?

What did the Aztecs call religion, belief and worship

What does Temaxcalapa mean?

Is this tattoo design an Aztec eagle?

Other examples of Aztec temples besides the Templo Mayor

What was the hairstyle of Aztec warriors?

The towns linked by causeways to Tenochtitlan

Did the Aztecs (Mexica) hug when greeting?

How did the Aztecs light their homes?

Range of items for sale at the great Aztec market

Is ANY of the treasure given or seized by Cortes accounted for today?

Did the Aztecs practice martial arts?

What type of war paint did the Mexica use?

What animals were associated with the sun in Mesoamerica

Suitable for older students
Suitable for older students

An article tagged like this would only be suitable for older students as it might contain some tricky words and/or be quite long. Some examples:

Horniman Museum

Frida Kahlo

The British Library have selected our site

Tzictli (part 1)

Tzictli (part 2)

Ulama The Pre-Columbian Ballgame Survives Today

Quotes on the Aztecs

Oh balls!

Tezcatlipoca Symposium

Masters of mosaic

Henry Moore

Notes on the three Aztec spirits/souls/animistic forces

Colossal serpent

IN THE NEWS: ‘Tooth place’

3rd Nahuatl London Study Day and Workshop

IN THE NEWS: pole climbing

Day of the Dead (2)

IN THE NEWS: earliest writing

Mummy bundle masks

Turquoise Mosaics book launched

IN THE NEWS: ‘The Last Aztec’

‘Aztec’ crystal skulls

The death of British Mayanist Ian Graham

IN THE NEWS: how the cactus stone was unearthed

Aztec parents, part 1

‘The Heart’ exhibition

El sacrificio en los Códices Mixtecos prehispánicos

Simposio sobre Tezcatlipoca

Motecuhzuma Xocoyotzin (1)

Aztec Flower Power

Balamkanché, Altar of the Jaguar Priest (2)

Reconstructing Aztec Super Glues

Mum and Dad

Mexico’s long-distance running tradition

Toci - an aspect of the Great Mother Earth Goddess

‘Magic’ numbers

How ‘Eagle Man’ has changed Britain’s museums

“There is no such thing as ‘Human Sacrifice’”

The Aztecs have been called many things...

Deal? Done!

The heart of each meal

Educación comunitaria en México

The renaming of pre-Hispanic Mexican codices

Aztec pleasure gardens

Clay stamps


Found! The pulque gods’ ‘golden section’...

A tale of two ‘tlacuilos’

How Aztec poetry works

The Virgin of Guadalupe and Tonantzin

The Astonishing Axayacatl

The Bonampak Murals

The Sea - ‘water which reaches the heavens’

The Aztec art of mourning

Aztec Life Cycle Animation

The Aztec legal system

String Instruments in the Americas/Mexico

Pine torch

Moctezuma Montezuma Motecuhzoma

Ideas for DRAMA...

The Jaguar in Mexico

Aztec ‘Birthing Figure’

Giving birth was one big battle

God of the month: Quetzalcoatl

Aztec Furniture

Aztec parents, part 2

Aztec books - an introduction

Privateers, Pirates and Aztec Gold

Maya and Aztec creation myths


First London Náhuatl Study Day and Workshops

Chocolate in the Restoration

The Aztecs vs the Maya

Sir Hans Sloane and Chocolate

Obsidian jar from Texcoco in the form of a monkey

Modern Myths of the Ancient Maya

Bringing the Maya ritual ballgame to life

Maya bas-relief showing a ball player

Teaching the Maya resource - design motifs

Teaching resources on the ancient Maya

Rare Aztec xicolli waistcoat

Maya connections with Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery

Just how advanced were the Maya?

The Maya: a 4,000 year-old civilization in the Americas

The art of Aztec running

The music of the laws of Nezahualcoyotl

Ancient Maya stilt dancing

The Aztec-Spanish Encounter in Empire-Building Video Games

History and uses of cacao

What did the ancient Maya wear?

Nobles versus commoners

Aztec ‘rain-gold’

2nd London Nahuatl workshop on Aztec writing

The sunflower - one of Mexico’s gifts to the world

More quotes on the Aztecs

Feathers from which birds went to make Aztec & Maya headdresses?

A resource for teaching cochineal dyeing

Dancing with snakes: and the Aztecs ate them

The early history of chocolate

Genuine or fake?

Reconstructing a Mesoamerican codex

How bloody were the Maya?

The great market at Tlatelolco

The burning of Maya books

Ideas for Aztec recipes

The Aztecs spoke of the twenty day signs as a precious necklace

Shakespearean sonnet versus Mexica song

Mexicolore’s early years in development education in schools

Nahuatl surnames from Cholula

Talking a Good Fight: Communication and Conquest, part 1

Talking a Good Fight: Communication and Conquest, part 2

Aztec papermaking

Codex Corner: colours used in Aztec books

Codex Corner: mistaken identity of the Codex Laud

New teaching resources on the Conquest of Mexico

Fran Ilich: Aridoamérica Winter Plan

Recently rediscovered headdress of Cuauhtemoc

Penacho de Cuauhtemoc

Museo de América in Madrid

An Aztec drum played in a mountain village procession

Google Maya Heritage at the British Museum

Mexicolore, Google Maya Project and the British Museum

Sacrifice in the pre-Hispanic Mixtec codices

The Maya market mystery

IN THE NEWS: avocados

The Aztecs and the Spanish Conquest for GCSE Part One

The Aztecs and the Spanish Conquest for GCSE Part Two

The Aztecs and the Spanish Conquest for GCSE Part Three

Europeans thought Aztec artists were razor sharp


The Maya Calendar and the Burden of Time

What do the Aztec day signs represent

Community education and archaeological museum in Mexico

Expert opinions on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico (3)

Advanced Aztec Medicine (1)

4th London Nahuatl Study Day

Hampton Court Chocolate Kitchen

Teaching resource on Maya tattoos

Advanced Aztec Medicine (2)

Did the Maya invent comics?

Mexica (Aztec) Human Sacrifice: New Perspectives

El sacrificio humano entre los mexicas: nuevas perspectivas

Teaching resource on the ancient Maya god Itzamna

Ancient Maya artefact - jaguar tail handle

Resource: how Maya and Aztec buildings resisted earthquakes

We recommend good introductions to Mexica writing

Lighting a fire on a mountain summit was an ancient ritual act

In the news - the gender pay gap in colonial Mexico

The chimalli or shield, a classic Mesoamerican defensive weapon

Ancient musical instruments from western Mexico

The good Aztec farmer

Mesoamerica and the North American Southwest

Advanced Aztec Medicine (3)

The Maya Codices

Mixtec ideographic designs from the codices

Teaching resources on the Maya creation story and ballgame

RESOURCE: Maya markets


The ocarina in Mesoamerica

4000 Years of Cacao Cultivation and Use in Mesoamerica

RESOURCE REVIEW: Back2Front The Maya

Stages of childhood in ancient Mesoamerica

‘Moctezuma’s Headdress’ - an update 2018

The art of the Maya scribe

Human waste was put to good use by the Aztecs

What exactly was ‘obsidian medicine’ for the Aztecs?

Surrealism and Claude Cahun

Nearly everything taught about Aztec ‘sacrifice’ is wrong

The Curious History of Mazes

The ancient ingredient that gives rubber balls their bounce

Comparative history of British and Mexican querns

Encounters countdown quincentennial timeline 1

The Aztecs thanked and blessed their farming tools once a year

Maya teaching resource The Boys in the Band

Aztec jaguar warriors did NOT wear real jaguar skins

The maize cycle and the Aztec farming year

The Beatles and the Aztecs

The (skull) rasp

How Aztec and Maya chocolate was prepared


Aztec advances in health eg intramedullar nails

The Maya and Zero


Aztec advances in health eg anaesthetics

The story of Zotz, a Mesoamerican comic

Aztec advances in health eg sweat lodges

La Llorona and the Mexican Days of the Dead (1)

La Llorona and the Mexican Days of the Dead (2)

We review the Azteken exhibition in the Linden Museum Stuttgart

The fate of an Aztec person’s tonalli after death

Aztec greetings with physical contact

Aztec advances in health eg tartar removal

For the Aztecs dental hygiene was a priority

Encounters countdown quincentennial timeline 2

Aztec advances in health eg nixtamalization

A celebration of Mesoamerican achievements and advances

What first inspired you to study ancient Mexico/Mesoamerica? (1)

Class struggle: annual mock battle between Aztec students

Chichén Itzá’s Shadows

Aztec advances in health eg medicinal use of tobacco

To secure freedom a slave had to tread on poo!

Mirrors could be used as lie deterrents

First image of Africans in the Americas

How do the Aztec and Maya solar and lunar calendars combine?

IN THE NEWS: epidemic, self-isolation, dedication and the preservation

Balamkanché, Altar of the Jaguar Priest

Aztec advances in health eg distillation

What did Mesoamerican scribes write WITH?

For the Aztecs natural forces had calendrical names

In which festivals or rituals did the Aztecs practise cannibalism?

One-Death: Great day to be an Aztec slave

Maya Spirituality

Maya Spirituality continued

The Atamalcualiztli festival of the Aztecs

What first inspired you to study ancient Mexico/Mesoamerica? (2)

The hand of a Maya scribe with paintbrush

Aztec social mobility

Sea shell or conch

The Aztecs and Cannibalism

A modern Nahua poem in Nahuatl Spanish and English

‘Desert Island Artefacts’ Panel of Experts survey

Aztec topilli or ‘staff of justice’

Aztec advances in health and technology: tamales

Sacred geometry - at the FOURfront of Aztec life

Marriage Alliances in Mesoamerica

Alianzas Matrimoniales en Mesoamérica

Hetzmek - turning babies into Mayas

The extraordinary story of the Tonalamatl de Aubin 1

The extraordinary story of the Tonalamatl de Aubin 2

The extraordinary story of the Tonalamatl de Aubin 3

Maya graffiti


Encounters countdown quincentennial timeline 3

Aztec advances in health: therapeutic touch or massage

104: a VERY special age for the Aztecs


The 1562 Tragedy at Mani (Part Two)

How do Aztec monthly festivals fit into our calendar?

Aztec History Resources Listing 2021 by Gilbert Estrada

Aztec advances in health: instant fast food

Greetings in classical Nahuatl


What is the connection between the concha guitar and the armadillo?

How can games question misunderstandings about the Aztecs?

Fire in Mesoamerican ritual

The ambiguous mecahuehuetl: what does it mean?

The Aztec or Mexica bottle gourd

RESOURCE on the Maya - world directions and colours

The Shamans of Yucatan, Mexico

Did the Aztecs have a god of snow?

How do you say ‘brother’ in Nahuatl?

Were there medical teams on hand [in ballgames] in case of injuries?

Did the Aztecs force you to be who you were - 2?

Why always THREE hearth stones?

Do you know the names of all the Aztec gods?

When you find something buried, how do you know it’s Aztec?

If you died from hunger or disease, which underworld would you go to?

Have any ancient rubber balls been found?

Which was the greatest [Aztec] goddess?

Did the Maya and Aztecs take feathers for headdresses from other birds

Could Aztec children go to the market on their own?

After the ballgame did they do human sacrifices straight away?

Did the Aztec gods ever make a sign or an appearance?

Why did Maya houses have no windows? (2)

Why did the Aztecs dance when they fought?

What did the Spanish do after the native population collapsed?

Why did the people not name Mexico after the Maya?

Why were Aztec parents so strict?

Is it true that the Spanish didn’t like chocolate at first?

If an Aztec tried to commit suicide would they have been punished?

In the nocturnal ballgame did the burning ball give off noxious gases?

Could you be killed for cutting down a tree?

Does the different colour of maize depend on where it’s grown?

Why did the Aztecs think gold was the poo of the sun god?

Were there any female Aztec rulers?

Could there be more undiscovered ancient books in Mexico?

Where did the Aztecs get the names of their gods from?

Why did the Aztecs believe in so many heavens?

How were Aztec orphans looked after?

How long did it take to build Chichen Itza?

Were 4 gods linked to the 4 previous ‘worlds’?

Were important people carried or did they walk?

How many people lived in an Aztec house (1)?

Did Aztec men wear earrings?

Nahua Women and the Spanish Conquest

What does (my) name Cuitlahuac mean?

Were the Aztecs as barbaric as described by the Spanish?

Who was Prime Minister at the Conquest?

Tezcatlipoca or Tezcatilpoca?

Is it blood on the face of Tenoch in the Codex Mendoza?

We’re trying to find pictures of what the Aztecs ate

Aztec pyramids

An image of Citlalicue?

Why wear headdresses?

Can you tell us anything about the Aztec God of Good Health?

How did the Aztecs make molcajetes?

How should I start teaching a topic on the Aztecs?

What were Aztec shields made of?

Who are these 2 gods?

What was Cuauhtémoc’s emblem?

What did the Aztecs wear?

Mysterious rectangular motif

The wind god’s fan

Double-headed serpent

An image of Tonantzin?

‘A typical battle’

The Aztec symbol for war

Did war shield symbols represent cities?

Were war banners sacred or utilitarian?

Volcano myths

Many partners or one?

The origin of ‘pulque’

Can you translate this poem?

How much gold did the Spanish take from the Aztecs?

Did the Aztecs use ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’?

Where were deerskin strap masks worn?

What did the Aztecs use to paint sculptures red?

Can you suggest good books on Aztec music?

The 13 heavens and 9 underworlds

The tongue hanging out in Aztec art

Did the Spanish completely obliterate Aztec song and dance?

Who exactly were the Chichimec people?

Please identify this Mexica turquoise mosaic disc

What was the symbolism of the four directions?

Daily life of Aztec royal court musicians

Which was the feast date celebrated for Chalchiuhtlicue

What’s going on in this image from the Florentine Codex?

How did dogs act as guides for the souls of the dead to Mictlan

Did Leopoldo Batres really dig up the urn with the ashes of Ahuitzotl?

Was Xochiquetzal a female Aztec warrior?

The Aztec view of human abnormalities

How did the Aztec army keep itself supplied and how did they treat wou

Is Tlaltecuhtli on this ring?

What items symbolized the Xilonen festival?

Did all Aztec gods have male and female aspects?

What type of surgery did the Aztecs practice?

What led Alvarado to massacre the Aztecs?

What aspects of Aztec culture influenced their housing?

Can you identify this poster image?

How did the Aztecs use stars?

Did the Aztecs use metal spears?

How did the Aztecs get their stones for building structures

Did the Aztecs have coming-of-age rituals?

Why don’t bears feature more strongly in Aztec mythology?

Good introductory resources for learning Mexica writing

How did lower caste people address the emperor and priests

What did Aztec religion share with other Mesoamerican cultures

How were Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal linked?

What’s the meaning of this ‘Mayan’ statue?

The story of the Mexica sacrifice of a Colhua princess

What do the colours in images of Tezcatlipoca’s face mean?

How did the Aztecs treat mental illness

What about the ‘quintametzin’ giants in Aztec mythology

Can you tell me more about the Aztecs’ relationship to the sea?

Were all Mexica great astronomers or just the priests?

When does a day start in the tonalpohualli?

What happened to the Culhuas?

Which Aztec ceremonies did not include human sacrifices?

Is there a symbol that means family in Aztec culture?

Are there any records of albinism in Ancient Mexico?

More suitable for mature students
More suitable for mature students

We think that this kind of article would only be suitable for mature students as it might be quite long and/or academic in tone. Some examples:

‘What was the Aztecs’ most prized possession?’

The Skywatchers of Cahokia

Hare vs Rabbit in mythology

Some thoughts on the design of the Aztec Sun Stone

Tezcatlipoca - a new clue is revealed...

Day of the Dead (1)

IN THE NEWS: latest excavations...

Syncretism: Aztec Christians

Cannibalism and corpse medicine (1)

Cannibalism and corpse medicine (2)

Aztec Herbal Pharmacopoeia, Part 1

Aztecs and the power of lament

Aztec Concepts of the Human Body (1)

Aztec Poetry (1): Intro

Aztec Poetry (2): Three Poems

Clean Aztecs, Dirty Spaniards

Aztec Concepts of the Human Body (2)

Mexican herbal medicines

Plants used for reproductive health among the modern-day Nahua

Aztec Manners

The Aztecs and the atlatl

Sacred Sinkholes

Frida Kahlo’s The Wounded Table

Portrait of a Collection: National Museum of Mexico, 1865

How did Mesoamericans envision the cosmos?

Mexico’s Faked Prehistory

The skilled use of conch shell in mosaics

Did Aztec rulers possess divine powers?

Vienna’s Mesoamerican Featherworks

Aztec Women

Mexica Weaponry

The Deep Roots of Aztec Sculpture

A modern Nahua pilgrimage

Water in the Valley of Mexico

IN THE NEWS: (ritual) decapitation

The Ancient Secret of Pre-Hispanic Jewellery

The Aztecs and Lake Navigation

The mother of all ballgames...

Nahua Moral Philosophy

Aztec Masks

Especial Birds in the Americas

Games and Other Amusements of the Ancient Mesoamericans

Dr. H.B. Nicholson - ‘Grandfather’ of Aztecs Studies

Lightning in Mesoamerica: Manifestations and Transformations

Mesoamerican Copper: An Industry of Connections

Conquest and the ‘Stranger Effect’

Rites in the Underworld: Caves as Sacred Space in Mesoamerica

Introducing pre-Hispanic sounds from Mexico into modern music composit

Uso de sonoridades prehispánicas en la música de hoy

What lies underneath Aztec sculpture?

Central Mexican Writing Systems

Cacao in Ancient Maya Religion

The Life of Alfred Maudslay

Time, ritual and sacred landscape in Aztec Mexico

Do you know the names of all the Aztec gods?

What might have happened if the Aztecs had defeated the Conquistadors?

The Food of the Gods: Cacao use among the Prehispanic Maya

The Aztec (Central Mexican) Calendar

Ancient Classic Maya music

Death whistle - a cremated example is rediscovered

Codex Cospi and its story

The chacmool and the ballgame (2)

The chacmool and the ballgame (1)

Gambling and patolli, the Aztecs’ favourite game

Colour and Culture Among the Aztecs (1)

Colour and Culture Among the Aztecs (2)

Cacao Money

Witchcraft and Sorcery in Ancient Mexico

The fate of the wise Nahua ‘tlamatque’

IN THE NEWS: femicide in Mexico

Chanting in Mesoamerica

IN THE NEWS: femicide in Mexico Part 2

Prehispanic Nahua Naming Patterns

Conference on Mesoamerican Manuscripts 2016

The Aztecs are back: deliberate syncretism in Mexican Catholicism toda

Cantar en la Mesoamérica

Hi-tech imaging of two Aztec codices in Paris

First Steps in Nahuatl

The Voladores or Pole Flying ceremony

The mysterious Aztec dual deity Ometeotl

Households and daily life in Mesoamerica

Expert opinions on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico (1)

Expert opinions on the Spanish Conquest of Mexico (2)

The Aztec approach to drinking alcohol

Poetic imagery of Tenochtitlan in Aztec songs

Pre-Hispanic Mixtec Codices

Some thoughts on the design of the Tizoc Stone

The Concept of the Wheel in Ancient Mesoamerica

Aztec Hell Christian Mictlan

Weeping in Nahuatl Poetry

El Concepto de la Rueda en Mesoamérica

Aztec advances in health eg arthritic pain treatments

The Aztec broom

Aztec advances in health and technology: grain and crop storage

The Bottom line in Mexican codex writing

The 1562 Tragedy at Mani

How long did it take the Aztecs to realise that Cortes was not a god?

What about Tlatelolco?

The Myth of Ce Acatl Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl

Sacred birds, flowers and Day Lords

The name Moctezuma today

The eagle and the snake...

What exactly was a ‘calpulli’?

What happened to the Aztec nobility after the Conquest?

What evidence is there of Aztec human sacrifice?

Did the Aztecs make figures of gods out of corn stalk paste?

Did the Aztecs try to convert conquered peoples?

Seriously academic article
Seriously academic article

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Aztec Philosophy

Birth and death as metaphors in pre-Columbian cultures. part 1

Birth and death as metaphors in pre-Columbian cultures. part 2

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