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Mexicolore’s 1,000th school visit

1000th school!

On November 18th 2010 we clocked up 1,000 new schools in England! We’ve actually made well over 2,000 VISITS to schools, but of course many are repeat bookings... It’s taken us just over 30 years to reach this score, and we’re still going strong. Indeed, we now have a second team who are coming on like a house on fire. Mexicolore is keen to recruit new members so if you’re up for a challenge, do get in touch...

Acting out an Aztec market...
Acting out an Aztec market... (Click on image to enlarge)

The school in question was Holy Trinity CoE Primary School in Wimbledon, London. The school has recently been through a major refurbishment and we were lucky to work in their brand new Studio Hall. We were spoilt on the day - working with a single Year 6 class who proved a delight, highly motivated, well behaved, and with no time pressures in the hall we could all enjoy the session to the full...

Getting to grips with the Aztec Calendar...
Getting to grips with the Aztec Calendar... (Click on image to enlarge)

We extended our ‘flagship’ programme to include a challenge for these youngsters to decode the Aztec Sunstone’s calendar system in which some experts believe the count forward from 3113BC to 2012AD can be ‘read’. Fascinating stuff! What’s more, they understood it too...

Ian demonstrates the ‘ayotl’ (Aztec tortoise shell drum)
Ian demonstrates the ‘ayotl’ (Aztec tortoise shell drum) (Click on image to enlarge)

The Year 6 teacher wrote afterwards, describing the session:-
‘It was outstanding - we all learned so much! The children raved about it and I would say it’s the best workshop I’ve ever seen... You were fabulous - firm and kind [with the children]. Seamless organisation... You are doing a wonderful job...’
And we’ve no plans to stop...!

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