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Animated story of the axolotl

The Story of the Fifth Aztec Sun

Our attention was recently drawn, by our good friend Genner Llanes-Ortiz, to this delightful short video telling the story of the creation of the 5th Aztec Sun (or world era). It’s a simple animation featuring the axolotl, a Mexican salamander and an important creature in Aztec mythology. The animation was jointly produced in 2008 by two respected research institutions in Mexico, CIESAS and CONACYT.

‘Ajolote en Inglés’

The axolotl - Wikipedia image
The axolotl - Wikipedia image (Click on image to enlarge)

This animation - viewable both in Náhuatl and in English on YouTube - forms part of a broader project for the revitalization of Indigenous languages in Mexico, coordinated by José Antonio Flores Farfán, from CIESAS. The video lasts under 5 minutes. Follow the (first) link below to learn more about the axolotl.

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Jun 16th 2013

Our feature on the axolotl

Learn more about the axolotl on National Geographic
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Mexicolore replies: Wow - now there’s a wacky coincidence for you...! Aren’t the ‘Mexican people’ lucky to have ancestors like those!!