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Lucia Morgan editing ‘The Legend of the Bat’ video

‘The Legend of the Bat’ 1: the video

Mexican postgraduate student Lucía Morgan Franco has created a highly professional and entertaining graduation short film, The Legend of the Bat, for her Masters degree in Animation at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

‘The Legend of the Bat’ video by Lucía Morgan Franco

The film was made using digital cut-out technique, and lasts 7:30 minutes. Lucía told us: ‘I have to say that coming to study to the UK and making this film has been one of the greatest experiences in my whole life...

‘I put a lot of thought and hard work into making this film. A key aspect of it was, of course, the music. My original idea was to make it from scratch, thanks to the help of very talented friends back in México. However, for reasons of time, at the end this was not possible. While looking for reference resources, I came upon your excellent website, which proved to be a great source of information. I was very happy to find out that there were people in UK making great efforts to spread the word about Mexican culture. Thank you for that.

‘Also, I found your beautiful music clips of Aztec instruments. With the help of a very good English sound designer, we took the liberty to use two of the clips in the making of the soundtrack for The Legend of the Bat...’
(We’re delighted to help Lucía in this highly creative way.)

An adaptation of a Mexican legend, the film pokes fun at how we try to be “better” than others, at all costs, instead of accepting ourselves as we are. In this comic tale, a mischievous Bat makes himself a beautiful costume with the feathers his friends the birds generously give him. But when the Bat fails to be grateful, his envy and pride will bring him to a disastrous outcome.
Enjoy a very Mexican ‘Just-So’ story...!

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This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Jun 22nd 2008

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Mexicolore replies: Thanks, Jude. We’d love to help but don’t have the authority (or know-how!) to send you a copy of the video. We suggest you approach Lucía Morgan via her website (above). If - as seems to happen from time to time - her site is down, write to us and we’ll put you directly in touch with her. We’re sure she’d be pleased to help you.
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