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‘Zazanilli: La palabra-enigma’
‘Zazanilli: La palabra-enigma’
‘Acertijos y adivinanzas de los antiguos nahuas’.
If you read Spanish, this collection, compiled by Patrick Johansson, is superb. Published by McGraw Hill (2004).
John Bierhorst book cover (Native American Riddles)

Aztec Riddles

Question: What wears a tight blouse? Answer: A tomato!

Here are some more, mostly collected by the Náhuatl scholar and author John Bierhorst in his book ‘Lightning Inside You and Other Native American Riddles’. Another source is ‘Zazan Tleino: Adivinanzas nahuas de ayer, hoy y siempre’ compiled by José Antonio Flores Farfán...

Q. What is it? A little mirror in a house made of fir branches.
A. The eye with its lashes.

Q. What is it? She plays music while moving her head.
A. A shaker (maraca).

Q. What lives in a black forest and dies on a white stone?
A. The lice we catch in our hair and crush on our fingernail.

Q. What is it that says to itself, ‘You go this way, I’ll go that way, and we’ll meet on the other side?’
A. A loincloth.

Q. What is it? A blue bowl filled with popcorn.
A. The sky with its stars.

Q. What are they? Ten flat stones that we carry with us.
A. Our fingernails.

Q. What is it that we enter in three places and leave by only one?
A. Our shirt.

Q. What is it that has ribs outside and is standing upright on the road?.
A. A carrying frame for loads.

Q. What is it that in one day becomes big with child?
A. A spindle.

Q.What is it always standing by the hearth curving upward?
A. A dog’s tail.

Q. What is it? A single red thing - it plays, talks and sings...
A. Your mouth.

Q. What is it that makes colourful tortillas while flying in the air?
A. A butterfly.

Aztec drummer, Codex Magliabechiano fol. 82
Aztec drummer, Codex Magliabechiano fol. 82 (Click on image to enlarge)

Q. What stay in caves until you blow them away?
A. Bogies in your nose!

Q. What says ‘You jump and I’ll jump’?
A. A pair of rubber drum beaters!

Picture sources:-
• Image from the Codex Magliabechiano scanned from our own copy of the ADEVA facsimile edition, Graz, Austria, 1970

Here are a few more...! (from the Tlacatecco blog)
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