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‘Stories from the Americas’
‘Stories from the Americas’
Virginia Cano is a Mexican story-teller based in Scotland; she has adapted and put online several stories with ancient Mexican themes
Virginia’s blog
‘Once upon a time in our town...’ Nahuatl Spanish and English phrase and photo

Aztec Stories

For your interest and delight. The photo (right) is of the Nahuatl-speaking town of San Miguel Canoa near Puebla. Both photo and phrase in Nahuatl, Spanish and English come thanks to and courtesy of Scott Hadley, and are inspired by the book of Nahuatl stories compiled by Pablo Rogelio Navarrete Gómez, Cuentos Náhuatl de la Malintzin - follow link below to learn more...

• For the legend of vanilla, follow the link on our Aztec Links (Teachers and Older Students) page (though Virginia Cano has a gentler version...!)

• For 3 Aztec myths, re-written for children as part of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute resource bank (USA) by Lorna Dils, follow the same link and look for ‘Aztec Mythology’

• For a modern Nahua story of the Day of the Dead, go straight to our Resources section and click on ‘Ideas for the DAY OF THE DEAD...’

‘Ideas for a DAY OF THE DEAD story...’

Some Aztec myths retold - Tlacatecco website

‘The Wailing Woman’ - ancient roots beneath the La Llorona story

Five Aztec CreationsThe beautifully illustrated story

of Five Aztec Creations...

Los Nahuales - Animal Companion SpiritsA delightful modern Mexican story based

on Aztec animal companion spirits - nahuales

‘How Music Came To The World’The ancient myth of how

music came to the world...

The Story of the Fifth Aztec SunWatch a delightful animation of

the birth of the 5th Aztec Sun...

The New Fire CeremonyEvery 52 years the Mexica feared

the end of the world...

The Origin of PeopleThe classic story

of the origin of people...

The Discovery of CornThe Discovery of Corn -

- and the role of brave little ants!

Tlaloc’s Great JourneyChildren keep sitting on my head

Read about Tlaloc’s journey to Mexico City.

The Legend of PopocatépetlPopo and Iztac

The classic legend of the two volcanoes

Heart of JadeA daughter’s love for her mother

expressed in a Náhuatl poem

The Creation of the MoonA rabbit?

In the Moon?

Aztec RiddlesAn Aztec riddle...

What wears a tight blouse?

‘The Legend of the Bat’ 1: the videoWatch the beautifully animated story of a bat

- a creature with ancient associations...

‘The Legend of the Bat’ 2: the historyMexican Batman -

- ancient hero or figure of death?

Nahua-inspired poetryListen to short poems in English

with music, inspired by Nahua culture