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what the Aztecs first thought little round Spanish hats looked like?
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The Aztecs try to interpret the arrival of the Spanish

Just how DID the Aztecs see the Conquistadors?

We are deeply grateful to and honoured by Professor Davíd Carrasco of Harvard University, who has generously recorded specially for us an introductory talk on the vexed question of just how the Aztecs/Mexica viewed the arrival of the Spanish. Did they REALLY see the invaders as gods...?

Professor Carrasco recorded this for us in December 2011

Davíd L. Carrasco is a Mexican-American academic historian of religion, anthropologist, and Mesoamericanist scholar. As of 2010 he holds the inaugural appointment as Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of Latin America Studies at the Harvard Divinity School, in a joint appointment with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Anthropology at Harvard University. Carrasco is known for his research and extensive publications on Mesoamerican religion and history, as well as wider contributions within Latin American studies. His work is known primarily for his illuminating writings on the ways human societies orient themselves with sacred place.
Noted as “one of the foremost scholars of Mesoamerican religions and cultures” Carrasco has contributed particularly to the study of history, religion and symbolism of the Aztec and Teotihuacan cultures. Several of his publications have received awards, and he is a recipient (2005) of the Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest decoration awarded by the Mexican government to foreigners. - (Abridged from Wikipedia)

Illustration courtesy of Felipe Dávalos

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Dec 24th 2011

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Mexicolore replies: Many thanks, Chris, for this information. We are going to be expanding our resources on the War with Spain throughout the next couple of years...