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First omen from the Florentine Codex, Book 12

Bad omens!

Did the Aztecs really know in advance of their impending doom at the hands of the Spanish? The Florentine Codex has much to say on this, and our Researcher Julia Flood has pinpointed the notorious omens in question and produced this beautiful set of 3 downloadable resource sheets.

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Page 3... (Click on image to enlarge)

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Jun 10th 2007

Acrobat logo Download the entire 3-page feature on the Omens of the Conquest (click on PDF icon)

Specialist research site on the omens in the Florentine Codex, IN SPANISH
NASA article: A Brief History of the Transit of Venus (mentions the Transit of 1518)
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Mexicolore replies: You’re quite right, Tecpa! Thanks for pointing out this mistake. The image in Page 3, above (‘fourth omen...’) does indeed come from part 1 of the Codex Duran. It would be a lot of work to re-do the PDF just to correct this, so we’ll probably leave it as it is, though at least our error is pointed out here!
Mexicolore replies: Which image are you referring to? The one at the top of this page is from the Florentine Codex, Book 12.