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How it works

Though we work with over 60 volunteers from the audience at different times, this is a formal presentation and as such there is no theoretical limit to the audience size, and we often present to several classes together.

Total presentation time is (excluding breaks) a full 2 hours, after which we like to allow time for questions, and for some ‘hands-on’ viewing of the artefacts on display in groups.

An outline of contents is sent in advance to schools, but some of the subjects touched on include: founding of the Aztec capital, every-day life, education and the family, sex roles, clothing styles, basic diet, markets, decorative crafts, religion, gods and their disguises, human sacrifice, birth and death, predictions, calendars and the codices, ‘writing’ systems, ritual ball game, music and dance and their role in public ceremonies.

The whole presentation has high visual impact, and well-loaded cameras are a must! Other services to schools include artefacts boxes available on weekly loan, and teaching resources - from postcards to slide sets - for sale.

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