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Mexican masks at Waltham Cross Infants School

Some sources of ideas for MASKS...

Here are a few ideas for sources of inspiration on Aztec/Mexican masks. First, LOOK AT OUR MEXICAN MASKS PHOTO GALLERY - link below. Next, you’ll find many examples of masks made in UK schools by visiting our School Displays page (photo, right, taken at Waltham Cross Infants School). After that...

‘Three Aztec Masks’ poster (Zazzle)
‘Three Aztec Masks’ poster (Zazzle)

... remember there’s a UK source of posters, orderable online, which offers a surprising number of posters with Mexican themes ( - go to the link on our Other Mexico Links page. And follow the link below to some attractive posters on pre-Hispanic Mexico (

‘Cut & Make Mexican Masks’ (Dover)
‘Cut & Make Mexican Masks’ (Dover)

... books. We’ve seen a nice section on making an Aztec mosaic mask in ‘Making Masks for Children’ by Gillian Chapman & Pam Robson, MacDonald Books, 1995. Then there’s a highly practical Dover Publications book ‘Cut & Make Mexican Masks’ (click on Books, right and follow the link to Dover)

Aztec ‘figure with cactus’ from Stencil Kingdom
Aztec ‘figure with cactus’ from Stencil Kingdom

... stencils. Check out the range of stencils available from Stencil Kingdom in Warwickshire (link below).

‘Footsteps: the Aztecs’ contains simple instructions for making half a dozen Aztec crafts
‘Footsteps: the Aztecs’ contains simple instructions for making half a dozen Aztec crafts (Click on image to enlarge)

... more on books. When we visited Kennington CE Primary School in Ashford, Kent, the children came to our presentation bearing home-made Aztec eagle helmets and feather fans. The ideas came from ‘Footsteps: the Aztecs’ by Sally Hewitt (Watts Books, London, 1996)

Mexican Masks Photo Gallery

Stencil Kingdom
Aztec Masks (a couple of real ones!)
Learn about the tradition of mask-making in Guatemala from the Google/British Museum Maya Heritage website
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