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Benson Primary School Aztecs workshop

Get children to use Aztec calendar signs and masks to reveal their characters...

Prior to our 2010 visit to the school, Year 6 teachers at Benson Primary School in Croydon encouraged pupils to explore our downloadable worksheet of Aztec/Mexica calendar/day signs and to draw a mask of themselves, incorporating some of the human qualities and values that could be associated with the signs.

The power to heal...
The power to heal... (Click on image to enlarge)

One girl clearly took this task to heart: having recently been bereaved of her father, she drew a mask incorporating Jaguar (to represent grace) and part of Grass to represent healing. On her drawing she wrote, movingly:-
Healing, because I healed when my father was dead and I want to look after ill people.

We were most impressed by the behaviour and motivation shown by the 60 Year 6 pupils during our Aztecs workshop, a real example to all.

To download the Daysigns Resource Sheet, click on the link below. You’ll find the PDF icon lower down the Resources page...

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