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Use these quizzes to test how much you’ve learnt about the Aztecs! All the answers can be found somewhere on our website... The second one is harder.

‘Reading the signs’, Florentine Codex
‘Reading the signs’, Florentine Codex (Click on image to enlarge)

If you want to search for the answers - before or after doing the quiz - use the Google ‘Search this site’ button (on the left) and put in some of the key words from each question. Don’t forget to let us know how you get on. Good luck!

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Mexicolore replies: Thanks, Charlie! A great school, and you guys are always so full of enthusiasm - and great questions...! Enjoy the rest of your Aztecs topic...
Mexicolore replies: Right now we can only answer the first of your questions, and even then it has to be a very personal/selective choice. We would opt for: the Sunstone, the Coatlicue statue, the turquoise mosaic double-headed serpent mask in the British Museum, the Codex Mendoza and the Florentine Codex. Of course both the codices were painted AFTER the Spanish invasion, but they contain a mammoth amount of crucial information about the Mexica/Aztecs.
Mexicolore replies: No-one would claim males and females are/were ‘equal’ anywhere, we suspect. The Aztecs were one of the first peoples in the world to make sure boys AND girls all went to school - this gives us a clue to how they treated women generally, with great respect.
Mexicolore replies: ‘LAZY’!!!!! Ha!!! You’re funny!!!! Come and work here one day...........
Mexicolore replies: Cheers, Praveeman! A great school to work in!
Mexicolore replies: We’ll get there, Abbie...!
Mexicolore replies: We enjoyed coming to your school, Roberta!
Mexicolore replies: Cheers, Tren, we really appreciate your comments. You inspire us to keep going...!
Mexicolore replies: Superb, Zoe! Well done!
Mexicolore replies: Thanks, Emily! We wouldn’t normally leave this comment here, but we like it and we love going to St. Andrew’s School in Chinnor every year, so it’s staying! All the best... Ian & Graciela
Mexicolore replies: Thanks so much for this comment! Perhaps you’re thinking of the preciousness of red liquid (blood), which of course was sacred... Well, you’ve spurred us on to prepare a new quiz this summer, which should be ‘up’ by the end of August 2008: please come back and try it...
Mexicolore replies: Thanks for taking the time to write in, Alex! Glad you enjoyed them...
Mexicolore replies: Don’t feel bad, Alex; not everyone finds it easy: perhaps we should make up different levels of quiz... Thanks for letting us know your result anyway!
Mexicolore replies: Well done, Ramisha! Which school is yours?!
Mexicolore replies: Well done, guys! We’re working on preparing a new quiz soon; perhaps we should make it wickedly hard...!
Mexicolore replies: Well done guys! Keep up the good work.