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Annual Chilli Fiesta

West Dean Gardens, Sussex

Recharge tired batteries each summer - inject some chillies!

Chilli growing demonstrations
Chilli growing demonstrations

Every year in early August West Dean Gardens, near Chichester in West Sussex, play host to their Chilli Fiesta -

- and show off the 240 varieties of peppers growing in the Walled Kitchen Garden glasshouses.

In the (equally rather commercial) style of the annual Thai Food Festival in Battersea Park, there are over 60 stallholders, most of them selling chilli plants and chilli inspired foods and crafts.

There are helpful chilli growing and chilli cooking demonstrations throughout the day - plus of course it’s a chance to visit the 35 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding West Dean College.

3rd and 4th September 2005
3rd and 4th September 2005

West Dean Gardens also host an annual Totally Tomato Show in early September, with tomato growing tips and tastings, cookery demonstrations, tomato delicacies for sale and over 100 tomato varieties on show.

West Dean Gardens website
Ancient Americans cultivated chillies over 1,500 years ago...
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