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‘Mexico in the UK’ DVD-ROM cover

‘Mexico in the UK’

‘Mexico in the UK’ is a pioneering DVD-ROM, providing encyclopaedic documentation of Mexican heritage objects in the UK. Compiled by Miguel Gleason, the project is the result of two and a half years of careful research and has been beautifully assembled.

Further details on the reverse of the DVD
Further details on the reverse of the DVD (Click on image to enlarge)

Gathered together for the first time in one very accessible resource, the DVD-ROM includes more than 1200 Mexican items found in 26 cities, covering every period from ancient times up to the 21st. century, as well as 62 short films, literature and interviews. Miguel Gleason has already worked on a similar project on Mexican Heritage in France (the result of which was a simpler, smaller CD-ROM due to the limitations of digital technology at the time). The UK DVD on the other hand contains a vast amount of rich resource material, and points the way to future initiatives Miguel is already planning to cover Mexican heritage in other European countries.

More than 30 official institutions contributed to the DVD
More than 30 official institutions contributed to the DVD

Sponsored and distributed by the British Mexican Society, this superb DVD will be useful to teachers in both primary and secondary schools. Those teaching the Aztecs for KS2 will find Colin McEwan’s descriptions of the objects in the Mexican Gallery of the British Museum, the excerpts from Enrique Escalona’s film ‘Tlacuilo’ (‘Scribe’) about the Codex Mendoza, the complete Laud and Zouche Nuttall codices as well as all the artefact images themselves wonderful resources. Secondary art teachers will find plenty of stimulating material in the paintings by Rivera, Siqueiros, Tamayo and others, the exhibition on the Day of the Dead in Belfast curated by Chloe Sayer, and a veritable host of surprising extras...

Copies may be available for teachers at UK schools. Contact Mexicolore in the first instance to enquire...

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Mexicolore replies: Hi Ramón. I think this DVD is only available to teachers in the UK - in any case, it probably wouldn’t be compatible with your zone in terms of DVD players. Sorry!