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Tec challenges you to some musical contests!

Recently created: our all-new introduction to Aztec musical instruments with the help of Flash, our great friend Dan Tyler, and of course our old friend Tec...

Music Az Tec plays...!
Music Az Tec plays...!

• There’s COPYTEC - a simple memory game.
• Then there’s the main play-the-instruments game called TEC’S SACRI-FACE.
• Finally, there’s TEC’S CODEX HUNT - a find-the-instruments challenge. Play to your heart’s content...!

• As a bonus, there’s a ‘light-hearted’ introduction to Aztec music by Dr. Simon Wyatt.

*CLICK HERE* to get started...!

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Mexicolore replies: Thanks for writing in, Bonno. We’re not surprised you love Andean music, after your dad’s inspirational work; it gets under the skin, doesn’t it?!