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Small whistle

HEAR: Small whistle

Roberto Velázquez
Roberto Velázquez

Learn more about ancient Mexican onomatopoeic whistles from the work of Roberto Velázquez Cabrera (link below).

Click to hear the small whistle

Hear Roberto Velazquez playing an experimental version of an ancient ceramic bird whistle from Rancho Ina, Quintana Roo

‘Music and the laws of Nezahualcoyotl - examples of onomatopoeic sounds’

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Mexicolore replies: This is what we’ve always believed. The Mexica were past masters at imitating all aspects of nature around them - from rain and wind to the calls of animals and birds, and every instance suggests they did it for a purpose - whether to bring rain or to bring an exotic bird like the quetzal closer, in order to catch it and take its prized feathers. Another example would be the instrument used to imitate the cry of a deer in the mating season - incredibly realistic! Such instruments are still used today in the USA, for hunting...