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Cristina Garcia Islas
Cristina Garcia Islas
Mexican composer based in Canada who, uniquely, incorporates authentic pre-Hispanic Mexican instruments into her work...
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Large turtle-shaped ocarina

HEAR: Large horned toad-shaped ocarina

Click to hear the large horned toad-shaped ocarina

See our full-length article on the ocarina...

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Mexicolore replies: The short answer is, sadly, No (without travelling to Mexico!). But if you’re in the London area around Saturday 24th October, I strongly suggest you visit the British Museum in the afternoon and see/hear and talk to the acclaimed group Tribu performing Aztec (style) music in the Great Court. They may well have a source of replica instruments they can recommend. If you’re not able to attend, we will try and find out for you...
Mexicolore replies: Sorry, no!
Mexicolore replies: Fair enough, Martin! Thanks for correcting us on this. We’re here to learn, and that’s what this site is all about. (We originally called this instrument a ‘turtle-shaped’ ocarina...)