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Tlapitzalli ancient Mexican sounds archive

Ancient Mexican sounds archive

Our good friend Roberto Velázquez Cabrera has launched a unique, new and expanding archive of ancient Mexican sounds. Roberto is a mechanical engineer by profession who has made a life-long study - including the physical reconstruction - of ancient Mexican resonators and other wind instruments, which form the basis of this archive. The wonderful thing about this archive is that it’s completely open and accessible to anyone: no text or language is involved, making it truly international and inclusive. Enjoy...!

Follow the link below, and simply click on any of the instruments on display to hear their sound...

NOTE! See comment below. Sadly, we’ve had to remove the link, which no longer works. We sincerely hope one of Roberto’s colleagues/friends is able to reinstate it.

This article was uploaded to the Mexicolore website on Feb 20th 2015

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Mexicolore replies: Thanks for pointing this out. Very sadly Roberto Velazquez died in 2018 and we’re not sure of the future of his website Tlapitzalli. Fingers crossed it will still be available. We don’t at the moment know of another source...