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Moctezuma is here! This new section coincides with the opening of the major exhibition at the British Museum (Autumn 2009). We will assemble here a wide range of articles and reports that we feel are of interest to teachers and learners alike...

The Mexicolore team attended the Teachers’ Preview of Moctezuma - it was a privilege to be among the first non-Museum-staff to see the beautiful exhibits... We were treated to a gallery tour and talk by the curator, Colin McEwan.

December 2009: We’ve now run plenty of workshops at the BM this term. One recent comment from someone who attended a Family Day Aztec workshop with Mexicolore: ‘Very informative for adults and children. Extremely well presented by people with a passion for the subject.’

Guardian feature

Moctezuma, Montezuma, Motecuhzoma?Moctezuma, Montezuma, Motecuhzoma

- what’s in a name...?

The death of Moctezuma (1)How did Moctezuma die?

How did he WANT to die?

‘The view from the metate’ - women and the Aztec world‘The view from the metate’ -

women and the Aztec world

Doña Isabel de Moctezuma: the emperor’s favourite daughter? Isabel de Moctezuma - trying to reconstruct

the biography of ‘the last Mexica princess’

‘In Search of Mexica Kings’Leonardo López Luján brings us up-to-date

in the search for Moctezuma’s predecessors

Music at the Royal Courts of Mexico  and SpainWhile the Tudors strummed

the Mexica ‘sang with their feet...’

Stonecarvers {italic par excellence}Ancient Mexican figures continue

to inspire today’s stone workers

Community PreviewAt the BM Community Preview

the gentler side of the Mexica came to the fore...

The exhibition: Teachers’ PreviewTeachers are encouraged to say -

From now on they’re the Mexica!

Mexicolore, Moctezuma, and the British MuseumMoctezuma’s in town!

Join us at the BM...

Turquoise MosaicsMexica turquoise craftsmen had reached

the cutting edge of their art

The Provenance of Three British Museum Turquoise MosaicsTracking the provenance of Mexica-Mixtec

turquoise mosaics at the BM

Moctezuma II: Symposium and ExhibitionThe Full Monte(zuma): London hosts

an international symposium and major exhibition

The Life and Times of Motecuhzuma XocoyotzinThe Life and Times of

Motecuhzuma Xocoyotzin