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Speaking Nahuatl

Introductory Náhuatl Guide

For an excellent basic introductory guide to speaking Náhuatl click on the PDF icon below... This guide was produced in Mexico by (and our thanks to) Marical Camilo Ayala and Dustin De Felice.

On this page we’ve added some useful external site links for those that want to take their study of Náhuatl to higher levels...!

emoticon Q.Guess how many syllables the longest word in Náhuatl has that we’ve come across -
A. 24 (and 64 letters)! the word is -
Louise Burkhart’s translation is “[his] precious, wondrous, utterly precious, wondrous, good, and shining face” and refers to the face of the newborn baby Jesus. It comes from a Nahuatl drama titled The Three Kings. The reference is from Barry Sell and Louise Burkhart, eds. Nahuatl Theater, Vol. 1, 2004.
Many thanks to Ben Leeming from the University at Albany, USA, for flagging this up...

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More about Náhuatl

The meaning of ‘Náhuatl’ itself

Wikipedia’s entry on Náhuatl, which includes ‘loanwords’ from Náhuatl in other languages
Learn about a Náhuatl language community project today, in Milpa Alta
Long-established online Náhuatl dictioniary IN FRENCH
Joe Campbell’s comprehensive list of all Náhuatl words in the Florentine Codex
‘Currently the only comprehensive introduction to Nahuatl available in English’
Náhuatl food words list by Tecpaocelotl
The classic 1892 edition of Carochi’s ‘Arte de la Lengua Mexicana’
Dra. Anuschka van´t Hooft’s multimedia website on Nahua language and culture from La Huasteca
Online Nahuatl Dictionary (Oregon University)
More about the Náhuatl language, from the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Mexico
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