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‘The Road to El Dorado’
‘The Road to El Dorado’
This fun Dreamworks Animation 2000 DVD is worth it just for the ballgame scenes!
Our review of ‘The Road to El Dorado’
‘A Soldier in Every Son’, Swan Theatre production on the Aztecs

Aztec Inspiration

We hear increasingly of exciting and innovative examples of artistic productions based on ‘Aztec’ themes - plays, crime thrillers, films, novels, art, music - around the world, and we feel it might be useful to highlight these in a new section of the Mexicolore website. Welcome to AZTEC INSPIRATION!

We launch the section with a review of A Soldier in Every Son at the Shaw Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon (July 2012)... Dave Price, sound and music director for the production, wrote to Mexicolore in advance of the opening ‘I found your fabulous website whilst researching Aztec music for a very exciting project which I’m currently working on... your website has already been immensely helpful to me and thank you for putting such useful information out there.’

How can games question misunderstandings about the Aztecs?How can online games question

misunderstandings about the Aztecs?

What first inspired you to study ancient Mexico/Mesoamerica? (2)What first inspired our Panel of Experts

to study Ancient Mexico/Mesoamerica?’ Part 2...

‘What first inspired you to study ancient Mexico/Mesoamerica?’ (1)Experts: ‘What first inspired you to study

ancient Mexico?’ - Answers flood in...

Zotz - a Mesoamerican comicWhat inspired a Salvadorean graphic artist

to create a great Mesoamerican comic - Zotz

The Beatles and the AztecsWhat links the Beatles to the Aztecs?

John Lennon’s painting at the Casbah Club

Damien Hirst and the Aztec SunstoneDamien Hirst found inspiration

in the Aztec Sunstone...

Surrealism and Claude CahunSurrealist art, Claude Cahun, crystal skulls

and Aztec art in the British Museum...

Fran Ilich: ‘Aridoamérica Winter Plan’Bartering for Zapatista organic coffee...

... while playing a game of Patolli!

‘Heroes & Villains’: Reconstructing Moctezuma’s HeaddressHow a modelmaker went to town

to reconstruct Moctezuma’s headdress...

The Aztec-Spanish Encounter in Empire-Building Video GamesHow do the Aztecs fare today

in empire-building video games?

Mexica Manga!‘There’s a big gap in the market for

creative media involving Aztec gods...’

‘Nine Seasons: Beyond 2012’An intriguing manual on how to live your life

based on ancient Mexican principles...

Introducing pre-Hispanic sounds from Mexico into modern musicIntroducing pre-Hispanic sounds from Mexico

into modern music compositions...

‘Aztec Century’We reckon this is the best ‘Aztec’

alternate history novel written so far

The Aztecs in Taiwan!A young novelist from Taiwan

consults Mexicolore about his Aztec story...

‘A Soldier in Every Son’Shakespeare’s dramatisation of English history

inspires a new play on the rise of the Aztecs