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Aztec stone snake sculpture, Hamburg museum

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Professor Susan Toby Evans

If you were under 52, were you ever allowed chocolate? asked Oak Farm Junior School. Read what Professor Susan Toby Evans had to say.

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The Aztecs at Mexicolore

Yet more quotes on the Aztecs...

We continue our selection of thought-provoking quotes on the Mexica (Aztecs)... (Compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

‘A War of Witches’
‘A War of Witches’

‘The [Aztec] priests who performed these bloody rituals were not just gruesome murderers but what we would also call the learned men of the empire: the astronomers, keepers of books of dreams, soothsayers, and wise men. In dream trances, often aided by hallucinatory drugs, they would travel through the underworld, seeking to know the will of their gods. They were shamans, diviners, and healers in a grand style, who cared for both their people and their gods. They were the ancestors of the tradition followed by Rubia and Inocente [two modern Nahua healers]’. Timothy J. Knab (‘A War of Witches’).

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