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What are the two ‘bulbs’ either side of the god in the centre of the Sunstone? asked Wheatfields Primary School. Read what Professor Khristaan Villela had to say.

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Search and ye shall find...

Guess which Aztec god today is the most searched-for on the internet... It’s Quetzalcóatl (The Feathered Serpent)! According to a survey we carried out at the beginning of 2007, he is by far the most googled Aztec god. Here are the full results...

Figure of Quetzalcóatl in the British Museum (photo by Ian Mursell)
Figure of Quetzalcóatl in the British Museum (photo by Ian Mursell) (Click on image to enlarge)

1. Quetzalcóatl: 1,130,000
2. Tlaloc: 347,000
3. Tonatiuh: 231,000
4. Tezcatlipoca: 219,000
5. Huitzilopochtli: 172,000
6. Coatlicue: 88,400
7. Mictlantecuhtli: 78,900
8. Xochipilli: 70,700
9. Xochiquetzal: 68,300
10. Ehécatl: 66,300
11. Xipe Totec: 55,200
12. Mixcóatl: 34,200
13. Chalchiuhtlicue: 22,900
14. Xiuhtecuhtli: 18,900
15. Ometeotl: 18,400
16. Huehueteotl: 15,500
17. Tlaltecuhtli: 12,300
18. Chicomecóatl: 10,700
19. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli: 9,110
20. Cinteotl: 659.

Any surprises? We may run the check again some time in the future and compare (see below!). Could Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli be at the bottom because his name takes so long to type?! Learn more about him below...

UPDATE 2016!
Almost a decade later (autumn 2016) it’s fascinating to see how things have changed. Here are the new results:-

1. Quetzalcóatl : 3,170,000
2. Tonatiuh: 1,180,000
3. Tlaloc: 997,000
4. Tezcatlipoca: 504,000
5. Huitzilipochtli: 503,000
6. Xochipilli: 460,000
7. Coatlicue: 330,000
8. Xochiquetzal: 325,000
9. Ehécatl: 278,000
10. Mictlantechutli: 237,000
11. Ometéotl: 194,000
12. Xipe Tótec: 146,000
13. Mixcóatl: 142,000
14. Chalchiuhtlicue: 91,300
15. Cintéotl: 73,100
16. Xiuhtecuhtli: 72,900
17. Tlaltecuhtli: 57,500
18. Huehuetéotl: 49,700
19. Chicomecóatl: 37,300
20. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli: 24,300.

Roughly speaking, what do we find?
In general terms the number of searches for most deities has increased by a factor of 3. However, there are one or two ‘rising stars’:-
• Tonatiuh has overtaken Tlaloc and his ‘vote’ is up by around x5
• Xochipilli has moved up 2 places, with his vote up by over x6
• Xochiquetzal has moved up 1, her vote up by nearly x5
• Ometéotl has rocketed up 4 places, with the vote up by over x10!
• Cintéotl has rocketed up 5 places, his vote up by x110!!!
Congratulations then are in order for Ometéotl (Duality Deity) and for Cintéotl (God of Maize).

‘The god with the longest name?’

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