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Two Mexica (Aztec) feather shields, Azteken exhibition, Stuttgart

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Dr. Ximena Chávez Balderas

Why did the Aztecs believe they had to go on a 4-year journey to the underworld when they died? asked Blackheath Prep School. Read what Dr. Ximena Chávez Balderas had to say.

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Illustrated lecture and demonstration on Aztec Music

Ian Mursell presented a ‘paper’ on Aztec Music (‘The Instruments of the Aztecs: Exploring the Codices’) at the Latin American Music Seminar on Saturday May 22 2004 in the Institute of Latin American Studies, Tavistock Square, London. The Institute was re-named in August 2004 to become the Institute for the Study of the Americas.

Research into Aztec Music is a long-term priority for us as a team. We have already uploaded an in-depth study of the Aztec teponaztli (tongue drum), and more is on its way... Contact Ian for further details.

The Latin American Music Seminar is a British forum for Latin American music research which meets once or twice yearly.

For further information on the Seminars, contact: Henry Stobart, Department of Music, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham TW20 0EX

Our study of the Aztec teponaztli drum

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