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Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal, Codex Borgia

Xochiquetzal (2): can you recognise her?

Study this image of Xochiquetzal from the Codex Borgia (click on it to enlarge it), and see if you can spot all the elements listed below that help us recognise this Aztec goddess of love-making, youth and beauty... (Written/compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

Where can you see her:-

a) quetzal bird shaped headdress?

b) bundles of (quetzal) feathers, with

c) butterfly-shaped decorations?

d) butterfly-shaped nose plug?

e) huge flower sign?

f) throne?

g) belly button?

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Here's what others have said:

Mexicolore replies: Yes! In one myth she was the first wife of Tlaloc, but was abducted and carried off to the underworld by Tezcatlipoca (a serial seducer). Some experts think this story had a purpose similar to the Greek tale of Persephone’s marriage to the lord of the underworld Hades - as ‘an attempt to explain the changing seasons or the death and rebirth of flowers’ (Tom Lowenstein, Gods of Sun and Sacrifice).
Mexicolore replies: Thanks for this interesting contribution, Carl. We’ve adjusted the wording in your piece to allow for younger audiences...