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which was the oldest god in ancient Mesoamerica?
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Aztec Gods for kids?
Aztec Gods for kids?
Want a simple introduction to Aztec gods? We have one in our Kids section...
Basic Aztec facts: AZTEC GODS
Two Aztec gods, Codex Laud

Aztec/Mexica Gods

Welcome to our section on Aztec/Mexica Gods! Here we profile some of the most important gods for you, and provide a downloadable feature for each one, beautifully produced and researched for us by Julia Flood.

‘The god with the longest name?’

‘Search and ye shall find...’ (most googled gods)

‘What happened to Aztec gods after the Conquest?’

Want to know who the two gods above are...?

‘How were Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal linked?’

Learn about Xolotl in our feature on the axolotl...

Different ways to depict Mexica godsMexica gods were depicted visually

in very different ways...

‘The Aztec myth of the unlikeliest sun god’The Aztec myth of the unlikeliest sun god

an animation video by Kay Almere Read

‘Gods’ of the Month: OmeteotlDid the mysterious Ometeotl

(duality deity) actually exist...?

‘Do you know the names of all the Aztec gods?’Does anyone know the names

of all the Aztec gods?

Aztec Gods: a GalleryA gallery of portraits

of leading Mexica deities

The Gods in pre-Hispanic Central Mexico (1)One Spanish chronicler claimed the Aztecs had

2,000 gods! We name the key ones...

The Gods of the Mexica (2)Most Mexica deities were broadly linked

to specific cities, towns, or neighbourhoods

What happened to the Aztec gods after the Conquest? (1)What happened to Aztec/Mexica gods

after the Spanish Conquest? (1)

The Virgin of Guadalupe and Tonantzin Are the Virgin of Guadalupe

and Tonanztin the same?

Study the... WIND GODThe Aztec wind god was so aerodynamic

he just blew your mind...

Goddesses of the Month: TzitzimimeThe Terrible Tzitizimime

Monsters of the Celestial Vault

Goddess of the Month: Xochiquetzal (‘Quetzal Flower’)The Aztec goddess of youth beauty and love

- was anything but a soft touch...

Xochiquetzal (2): can you recognise her?Xochiquetzal -

- you should love her to bits!

God of the Month: Xipe TotecOur Lord the Flayed One’ -

- was one of the oldest Aztec gods

God of the Month: Tlaloc (1)Tlaloc the rain god was worshipped in Mesoamerica

long before the Aztecs had settled in the central highlands...

Tlaloc (2): learn how to recognise him!There’s something about

those goggle eyes...!

God of the Month: HuitzilopochtliHuitzilopochtli -

- the one truly Aztec god

God of the Month: TezcatlipocaBig T’s character was as dark...

... as a Smoking Mirror

Toci - an aspect of the Great Mother Earth GoddessOur Grandmother’ -

and Mother of the Gods