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Today's Maya date is: - 2368 days into the new cycle!
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Mask images
We also have a gallery of Mexican mask images here...
Mexican masks gallery
Aztec musicians in action!

Welcome to our Photo Galleries

In these pages you can access some of the images from our photo-library, view pictures of children working on the streets of Mexico City, and see slideshows of the Mexicolore team at work in schools and museums.

Photo: Aztec musicians in action at Woodstock CE Primary School, Woodstock, Oxfordshire (December 2005) (Click on image to enlarge)

For a never-ending sequence of beautiful photos of original Aztec artefacts in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, together with excellent captions in English, go to the Mesoweb site - link below...

See our Aztec Artefacts in the Spotlight Archive at a glance

Schools we’ve given facsimile codex sheets toMexicolore have given facsimile codex pages

drawn by Dinorah Lejarazú to these schools (and more...)

Return to Dog Kennel Hill Primary School, London, after 31 years...We first visited DKH in 1980...

... and were thrilled to return in 2011!

'Snakes and Lizards'A real ‘hands-on’ approach

to the Aztec Calendar

Mexicolore at the National School, GranthamAztecs in Lincolnshire

See what fun we had in Grantham (October 2005)

Mexicolore at work in schoolsOur current Aztecs programme

- a visual snapshot

More school visit pictures...!More photos from our

recent school visits

Royal Academy WorkshopOne of our Aztec workshops at the Royal Academy

taken by Sarah Knowler (March 13th. 2003)

Photos from our early school visitsFrom the Archives:

Do you recognise yourself...?!

Pictures from our photo libraryImages of Aztec civilisation

from our own photo library

Street ChildrenChildren working today in Mexico

- a theme that’s featured in many of our Geography programmes