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Thorpe Acre Junior School, Loughborough

We haven’t yet visited this school, but were delighted when class teacher Gareth Dale wrote to us: ‘I have used your site for help and advice while teaching my Year 3&4 class an Aztec unit. While we did it we made some displays of our work. I was wondering if I sent them to you would you have a use for them on your site?’ That’s what we’re here for, and we’re delighted to oblige...

Gareth explains: ‘There are pictures of the Aztec calendar work we did, some Mayan maths work sheets we created using the Mayan number system and an Aztec pyramid that we built with an explanation of the sacrifice process on the cards going up the side of it.’

‘The two pictures of the calendar do roughly join together, my classroom isn’t big enough to get all of them in one shot.’

We’re impressed, especially by the use of Maya numbers to create work sheets. You guys are braver than most! Well done...

Thorpe Acre Junior School website