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Kettlefield CP School, Newmarket

Under the inspired leadership of Lis Lapthorn and Sue Hubbard, the Year 4/5 children at Kettlefield have literally got right under the skin of their Aztec topic!

We were singularly impressed by their displays, that start with a mini-mural based on the one at Icknield Junior School in Luton (cf); but they’ve gone much further than most, producing artwork on the patolli board game, Aztec glyphs, the Templo Mayor, a magnificent imitation of Moctezuma’s headdress (here held high by Rhys) and full-size costumes for the Eagle Warrior (Jack) and Jaguar Warrior (Eik), and a smiling Cortés (Ian). Congratulations to all concerned!

In 2007 this great work carried on (see collage picture below), linked to a Q&A session with one of the Mexicolore team on a return visit to the school...

Kettlefield’s 2007 Aztec displays
Kettlefield’s 2007 Aztec displays