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Credits and Acknowledgements: general points

PLEASE NOTE: in the website’s early years we posted credits for all images reproduced in this section (see ‘Specific acknowledgments’ in the r/h menu). For many years since then we have striven to add picture source credits to individual pages.

All text and images on the Mexicolore website pages have been uploaded onto the internet on the express understanding that they are to be used strictly for internal school/college/educational and home study use only.

Requests for commercial use of any material should be forwarded to Mexicolore (FAO Ian Mursell) - go to our Contact page.

Where the sources are not specifically acknowledged, all material is © copyright Mexicolore 2004/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20. On the occasional page we have inadvertently failed to include picture source details. It gets harder and harder as the years roll by to find the time to research the original sources, but we will TRY OUR BEST to rectify any omissions...!

All material has been researched and sourced in good faith on the assumption that the copyright holder(s) would sympathise with our overall educational aims and would be happy for their material to be used in this context, providing we give appropriate credits and acknowledgements.

In a few instances we have been unable to locate original copyright holders, and would ask relevant individuals/institutions to contact us directly so we can add the appropriate details.

No material on the site can be reproduced in any form or medium (other than as outlined above) without the prior written permission of Mexicolore.

Special thanks are due of course to our longstanding and long-suffering webmaster, Jonathan How of Coherent Visions!

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Mexicolore replies: Me!
Mexicolore replies: We’ll do our best. Please send us a photo or two...
Mexicolore replies: No civilisation was ‘wiped out’. The Spanish invaded and conquered the Aztecs in Mexico, the Incas in the Andean countries, and the Maya in Mesoamerica. Up the ‘Mynas’!
Mexicolore replies: August 13th 2013. The date is given at the foot of the page in question.
Mexicolore replies: I’m afraid we haven’t kept a record of when these entries went live on the site. Very roughly it would have been sometime in the summer of 2012; that’s about all we can say!
Mexicolore replies: If it’s our copyright, you’re welcome to use it in this way, Rebecca. Please just send us a link to the particular image(s) you want to use so we can confirm...!
Mexicolore replies: We have many article authors on the site (it should be clear from each piece as the author is normally mentioned in the first couple of lines) but if in doubt you can put Ian Mursell, as Editor and Founder of the Mexicolore website. He’s ultimately responsible...!