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Article suitable for Top Juniors and above

Graphic illustrating interactive Sunstone experience

Interactive Sunstone Experience

Get to the heart of the Aztec Sunstone (also known as the Aztec Calendar Stone)! This interactive feature, designed exclusively for Mexicolore by Mexican new media specialist Ana Laura Landa, contains detailed information on the Sunstone using interactive graphics. (Written/compiled by Ian Mursell/Mexicolore)

Part of the easy Sunstone slider puzzle
Part of the easy Sunstone slider puzzle

Learn the meaning of each of the 20 daysigns; find out which god might be in the middle of the Stone, the names of the five world eras, where the Aztec 52-year ‘century’ can be found, how the cycles of the sun, moon and Venus are linked, what a quincunx pattern is, and more - PLUS an easy puzzle and a difficult memory game!

Copy of the Sunstone by Aldo Avonza
Copy of the Sunstone by Aldo Avonza (Click on image to enlarge)

Designed for children to use, this programme is also available direct from Mexicolore on a multi-platform CD-Rom - click on our Resources page for more info. NOTE: this activity requires Adobe’s Macromedia Shockwave Player - clicking the start link below should open/start Shockwave automatically. In case of difficulty follow the link below to the Shockwave Player Support Page.

One final note: Spot the deliberate mistake! When exploring the Sunstone Experience, if you’re very sharp-eyed, you may spot there’s a single, small but clear mistake we’ve built into the multi-coloured Sunstone design! To help you find it, we’ve included a ‘correct’ version on this page. We offer a beautiful prize to anyone who finds the mistake - if you do, follow the ‘Contact Mexicolore’ link below and tell us what it is. Good luck! Click on the link below to get started...

CLICK HERE to start!

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